Payments for services to the College by an individual (for example: lecturer, model or official) are processed through Accounts Payable.

To Pay for Services...
  • Submit a Request for Payment of Services Form in duplicate to Accounts Payable (Box 2227).  Note: if you are using Firefox, the form will have to be opened as instructed here in order to be fillable.
  • Original invoices from the vendor may be submitted in place of the Form if it contains all of the necessary information.
  • Staple original receipts to the Form for reimbursement of business expenses.
  • Paper clip any material required to be included with the check to the request.

Special Note: If the service provider is receiving greater than $5,000 and is included in an event that exceeds $10,000, the payment may be subject to the Massachusetts Performer’s Tax.  Please refer to the Massachusetts Tax Withholding on Payments to Performers page for more information.

Incomplete requests and those not following policy will be returned to the individual requesting payment.

If the Service Provider is an International Visitor...

In addition to the procedures outlined above, if the service provider is not a US citizen or resident alien (a nonresident alien), please follow the other instructions detailed on the Paying International Visitors for Services page.