Payments for goods are processed through Accounts Payable.

  • Submit the vendor's original invoice with the complete department expense line and authorized department approval to Accounts Payable (Box 2227).
    • For new vendors, also follow the process for setting up a new vendor as detailed here
  • Provide all information required for business travel, meals and entertainment for direct payments to vendors including purpose and list of attendees.
  • Staple any supporting documents to the invoice.
  • Paper clip any material required to be included with the check to the invoice. 

Incomplete requests and those not following policy will be returned to the individual requesting payment.

Special Note:  Invoices should not include Massachusetts sales tax as Amherst College is a tax exempt entity.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that tax has not been charged and to advise vendors of Amherst’s tax exempt status.  Please contact Jim Czelusniak in Shared Services at Ext. 2809 for a Form ST-5, Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate and Form ST-2, Certificate of Exemption to provide to new vendors.

Special Note:  Process for Foreign Copyrights and Royalties payments detailed here.