Purchasing Cards can be requested for College employees responsible for the purchasing of goods on behalf of their departments.

Applying for a Card
  • Corporate Purchasing Card Cardholder New Account Form needs to be filled out for every candidate with the appropriate department head as well as the Controller's Office approval.  To request a purchasing card application, please email Joanne Thornton.
Cardholder Agreement
  • Purchasing cards are requested from the bank by the Program Administrator after the Cardholder and the department head have completed the Cardholder Agreement. Cards will be revoked for misuse or non-compliance with procedures.  To request a purchasing card application and Cardholder Agreement, please email Joanne Thornton.
  • If you've been issued a card and would like to reference the Cardholder Agreement, please see the terms noted here.
 Program Administrator
  • The Program Administrator for the College is Joanne Thornton in the Controller’s Office. She can be reached at (413) 542-2803 or through e-mail at jthornton@amherst.edu. 
Canceling Cards
  • To cancel the card, notify the Program Administrator, Joanne Thornton, by email and cut the card in half.  Send the cut card to Joanne's attention at Box 2221.
Card Renewal
  • A renewal card will be automatically mailed to the Program Administrator and distributed to the Cardholder every three years from the issue date.
Lost or Stolen Card
  • The Cardholder should first try to contact the Program Administrator. If unable to contact the Program Administrator, use Bank of America’s toll free number, 1-888-449-2273. If it is necessary to contact Bank of America directly, the Cardholder is still responsible for advising the Program Administrator at the earliest opportunity.
Purchasing Card Security
  • Only the authorized Cardholder may use the card. Delegation of authority is not permitted. Cards and card numbers must be safeguarded against use by unauthorized individuals either within or outside the College.
  • This card is not to be used for any personal expense items.
  • This card may be used strictly for purchases of supplies and materials. It may not be used for expenses incurred for travel, meals, entertainment and/or services.
  • Pre-set spending limits have been established for each individual purchasing card.
  • Sales Tax: Amherst College is exempt from Massachusetts Sales tax and may be exempt from sales tax for purchases made outside of Massachusetts. The purchasing card will be labeled with a sticker to alert merchants of the College’s tax exempt status. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that sales tax is not charged at the point of sale.
Receipt of Materials
  • The Cardholder is responsible for ensuring receipt of materials and will follow-up with the supplier to resolve any delivery problems, discrepancies and damaged goods.
  • For telephone or catalogue orders, make sure the complete shipping instructions are given along with your name and mail stop.
  • If materials are ordered by phone, ask the supplier to include a sales receipt with the goods shipped. Confirm that sales tax is not charged. Save the credit card receipt and shipping documentation.
Record Keeping & Reconciliation
  • To facilitate the reconciliation process, the Cardholder is expected to retain all credit card sales slips, cash register receipts, packing slips, etc.
  • Receipts must be uploaded to each transaction and the appropriate work tags assigned in Workday.  Purchasing Card verifications should be completed within the month that the transaction was recorded. Please reach out to Sarah Pettengill for assistance with the verification process in Workday.
Resolving Errors, Disputes, Returns and Credits
  • The Cardholder is responsible to follow-up with the supplier or the Program Administrator on any erroneous charges, disputed items or returns.
  • The Cardholder will contact the supplier first to resolve any outstanding issues (most exceptions can be resolved this way).
  • If the Cardholder is unable to reach agreement with the supplier, the next step is to contact the Program Administrator.
  • The Program Administrator may ask the Cardholder to complete a dispute form. The completed form will be sent via fax or mail to Bank of America Card Service Center.
  • Bank of America must be notified of any disputed item within 60 days after the first electronic report or paper statement is received.
  • Disputed billing can result from a failure to receive goods or services charged, fraud or misuse, altered charges, defective merchandise, incorrect amounts shipped, duplicate charges, credits not processed, etc.
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