Dear Faculty and Staff,

We are writing with news about an exciting development for the Offices of Finance and Human Resources that we believe will result in a significantly better user experience for all of us with respect to certain functions of these offices.

After conducting thorough reviews of our operations, practices and service levels, we are bringing together functions that currently reside in the Offices of Human Resources and the Controller into a new Shared Services department. This new department, which is distinct and separate from the Campus Operations’ service center and IT’s help desk, will handle the day-to-day work associated with Payroll, Accounts Payable, Procurement and HR Services—more specifically, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Benefits Administration. With the transition to Workday, bringing these functions together will better serve the campus by enhancing the services you receive, reducing response times and speeding up important processes like business expense reimbursement, creating future opportunities for self-service and supporting the College’s strategic plan.

Ralph Johnson will direct the efforts of the new department as Director of Procurement and Shared Services. He will be joined by Scott Kinney as Assistant Director of HR Services and Debbie Edwards as Assistant Director of Financial Services. They will support and guide the efforts of the amazing staff members from both offices who will be coming together in the new department. Please join us in congratulating Debbie, Ralph and Scott on their new roles!

One other change you should be aware of is that, while all current members of the new Shared Services currently sit on campus, because of space constraints, the department is scheduled to move to the McKesson office facility, located about two miles away on Route 9, sometime in the fall. Having the team in one location will support the collaboration and cohesiveness of the new department and ultimately enhance the service you receive from this group.

Please keep in mind that there are no expectations that staff or faculty will have to travel to the new office location for service, although the Shared Services staff will certainly welcome visitors. The department will be available to you in a number of ways: through on-campus office hours, a help-desk ticket system, and teleconferencing and email communications, all in an effort to provide you with the best service possible and in concert with the improvements realized through the implementation of Workday.

We look forward to sharing more about the new Shared Services department as it develops, along with Workday implementation progress updates. Please check the Daily Mammoth for more details.


Kevin Weinman                                                                                             Lisa Rutherford
Chief Finance and Administrative Officer                                          General Counsel and Chief Policy Officer