Travel Portal FAQ

Who is FCM Travel? Why were they selected?

FCM is a travel management company that is part of an extensive global network with a presence in more than 95 countries. After a competitive RFP process, Amherst partnered with FCM Travel to implement our online booking tool.

Visit FCM’s website for more information and to learn about their global network.

Is the College using the portal?

Yes, we have done $156,000 in overall business since July 2018, with 196 airline tickets, 84 hotel reservations and 37 car reservations. This is about 10% of the College’s employee travel business. Out target is to grow to 50% by July 2020.

How do I access the Travel Portal?

Visit the HUB login page or bookmark the following URL:


Your Username will be your Amherst College email. If you are a first-time user, click “Forgot Your Password” to set it—you will be able to complete your profile.

After logging in, you will be taken to the Travel homepage; click the “Travel Profile” link in the left nav. To use the portal you must update your:

  • Name as reflected on your government issued ID
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Office and mobile phone numbers

Also update your personal, preference, contact, membership, and passport details.

How do I book travel for myself?


After completing your profile, select “Create New Booking” from the booking option on the right side of the Hub. Then select the “Booking for myself” option. From here, you can perform searches on air, car, hotel and rail travel options.

Hotel Bookings: Always check your bill before you leave the hotel to ensure they did not place the bill on your personal card. If so, have them switch it—or call Ralph Johnson (413-542-5981) or Sarah Pettengill (413-542-8252) to address.

Note: A conference hotel booking may have a lower fee than what you find on the portal.

How do I book for a co-worker or supervisor?

Under The Travel Profile Tab, select “Authorizations.” Have a co-worker, supervisor, Ralph or Sarah add you under the “Additional Travel Arranger” section of Authorizations. When you are ready to book for a co-worker or supervisor, sign in as yourself. (Note: The Co-worker or supervisor must have a completed profile.)

  • Select the Booking option
  • You will then leave the “Hub” screen and enter Concur Tool
  • Select the person you are booking travel for under “Profile” tab on the right
  • Next, select “Booking” on the left hand side of the screen
  • Proceed through the normal booking steps

For additional information, view the Travel Arranger Video.

How do I book travel for a guest or student?

When you are ready to book for a guest or student, sign in as yourself and select the Booking option. You will then leave the “Hub” screen and enter Concur Tool. Select “Book for a Guest.”

You will need to have the following information from the student or the guest:

  • Name as reflected on your government issued ID
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email

How do I place charges on the College’s card?

After entering your booking details, you are brought to the Concur booking screen. From here:

  • Enter your 14 digit accounting string in the first box, no dashes (example, 12345678955555)
  • If using a project number, enter 8 zeros in front of your 6 digit project number (example, 00000000123456)
  • If you don’t know your accounting strings, contact your ADC, or contact in the Finance Office
  • Enter your business purpose
  • Select “Next” at the bottom right hand corner of the screen

Note: At the end of the month, your Department’s Budget prime receives a report of all of the charges.

Who approves my travel?

  • By default, a faculty member is their own approver.
  • The CFO approves for Senior Staff.
  • For staff, the supervisor as listed on the HR feed will approve, unless the supervisor would like to delegate the approval.

You can view your approver by clicking on the Authorizations tab listed under your travel profile. Note: If your approver does not approve your trip via email or online within 24 hours, your trip will automatically be approved to protect the fare.

Please contact Ralph or Sarah if your “Approver” requires updating.

Supervisor Travel Approval Options

A supervisor can approve or reject via email they will receive from Concur Travel. They can also approve or reject by clicking “Booking” to enter the Concur tool, and then select “Approvals” at the top of the page.

Note: If you do not approve a trip via email or online within 24 hours, trips will automatically be approved to protect the fare.

What are Travel Selection Warnings?


When booking travel, you may receive  a  warning if a selection is made that is not consistent with the College’s Travel Policy. The warning does not prevent your booking from being accomplished and you will be able to provide rational for the selection. Also, your supervisor will be alerted to the warning.

What if you need to speak to someone for help?

You can access help via:

Note: You will need to set up your profile and password before being 

What are the benefits to booking through the Travel Portal?

  • There are a number of benefits to using the service:
  • It reduces the need of reimbursement or using your own credit card
  • It saves time—there is no need to wait on reimbursement for airfare, trains, hotels, or car rentals
  • Your membership points still accrue if you completed your profile
  • You can find competitive rates and cost matching (apples-to-apples comparison, same time and same date)
  • Guaranteed airline seats
  • 365x24x7 support when you’re on the road
  • Travel Policy compliance
  • Mobile alerts to your phone
  • Best in-class technology (Concur)
  • Discounted rates for hotel and rental car partners

Travel Portal

Amherst College has partnered with FCM travel to provide an onlineTravel Portal for booking flights, rail, hotels, and rental cars when traveling on behalf of the College. If employees prefer, they may also call the travel agency (1-877-558-6491).

The portal features the ability to pay for most travel expenses up front, so that employees do not have to place these travel expenses on their personal cards. Charges booked through the portal also do not require employees to go through the reimbursement process.

Other benefits of using the portal are: FCM provides around the clock support for travelers, the tool can inform employees regarding travel policy selections, employees can still accrue points via their frequent flyer/membership numbers, and the tool can be used to book travel for guests traveling on behalf of the College. It is best to call the FCM travel agent for international or group bookings.

To use the portal, you must have a completed profile on the system.

To learn more about how to use the portal you may:

  1. Attend one of the campus wide trainings, which are announced via the Daily Mammoth. These trainings occur at least once a month;
  2. Set up a training session for your department;
  3. Watch various online videos ( or (;
  4. Ask for a copy of our Travel Portal presentation, which gives step by step answers to many of our most frequently asked questions;
  5. Or you can call and email Ralph Johnson (413-542-5981, or Sarah Pettengill (413-542-8252, with questions.