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Large-Format Printing

Campus Print & Mail operates two 42" HP printers. The large-format printer can be used to print large documents and images such as posters for academic conferences or events, artwork, maps, and structural designs. 

The large-format printer has a physical limitation in one dimension of 42". So, for example, if your conference limits posters to a maximum size of 6 feet wide by 4 feet high, you should set your poster size to be no more than 72" x 42".


Most users use either InDesign or PowerPoint to print to the large-format printer. InDesign is more powerful and flexible while PowerPoint may be more familiar to you and is easier to use.

No matter which software you use, design your poster to the actual size you wish it to be — for best results, avoid scaling it from a smaller size.



Large-format printing is priced by the square foot and by the material used. In the future, Campus Print & Mail will offer printing on vinyl, canvas, and different finish surfaces. 

Color printing on photo-gloss paper is $4.00/square foot.

Some examples of prices for standard sizes are as follows:

16 x 20" - $9.00
18 x 24" - $12.00
24 x 36" - $24.00



Campus Print & Mail can offer a variety of finishing options, including mounting on foamcore or corrugated plastic, and laminating. Contact us to discuss the best finishing options for your project.