First Round Feedback

On February 10th 2014, the Provost Office launched its newest campus-wide initiative: Ask Big Questions (ABQ). Over the two following weeks, 22 different ABQ dialogue sessions were hosted all around campus. Led by trained facilitators, these sessions answered the question “When do you conform?” and brought together over 140 people from all parts of the Amherst community.  The feedback for this pilot initiative has been great!

According to the data collected afterwards, 93% of ABQ participants felt they had gained new insight into the topic and themselves, 91% left the session feeling closer to the rest of participants, 92% had a positive ABQ experience and 98% of participants said they would participate in another ABQ session.*


First Round Feedback


"[I] met new people who weren't afraid to talk about Big Questions with people they'd never met before. Brave, bold, a great way to see new perspectives."

  "I enjoyed getting to know new people in a thoughtful and introspective atmosphere."


First Round Feedback


"I came to new insights during the conversation and I've continued to think about the question over the last several days. "When do you conform?" has been a great conversation starter in other circles."

 "I enjoyed listening to the personal experiences and opinions of others during the discussion."

"I am now energized to partake in more sessions!"


First Round Feedback


Articles on the First Round of Ask Big Questions

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*Source: Participant surveys (55 people)