Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Lincoln House

Who may stay in college visitor housing?

Rooms may be booked for guest scholars, artists, performers or other visitors related to the curriculum or functioning of the College. The Dean of the Faculty's office approves all guests.
No personal use of Lincoln House will be allowed and no pets are allowed.

Room are for single occupancy use only.
Guests must be 18 years of age or older.
Staff members are not eligible to stay in Lincoln House.
Faculty and instructurs who are not eligible for faculty housing may be eligible for Lincoln House upon approval from the DOF.

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Who may request room reservations?

Lincoln House reservations are made, when available, based on the request of an Amherst College sponsoring department representative, not by the individual guest. Back to top

What rooms are available?

5 single occupancy private bedrooms and shared communal spaces such as a kitchen, living room and study. Back to top

How long may individuals stay?

1 night up to 1 academic year. Back to top

Who administers the guest and visitor housing program?

The Rental Housing Department in conjuction with teh Dean of the Faculty's Office. The main contact for a reservation is 413/542-8506, or an e-mail to

What is the cost?


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How is payment made?

At the time of the reservation, the Rental Housing Office will generate a Charge/Credit Form and submit it, along with a copy of the reservation request, to the Controller's Office. A copy of both documents will also be sent to the requesting department for their records. No cash or checks will be accepted because personal use of guest & visitor housing is not allowed. A one-week cancellation notification is required for a refund. Back to top

How are reservations made?

To make a reservation fill out the Lincoln House Reservation Form with all required information. Your reservation request will be processed by the Rental Housing Office staff and checked against our availability. Watch your email inbox for a response to your request with more information.

Requests for fall semester bookings will be considered starting on July 1st.

Fall requests received on or before July 1st will be considered to have been received simultaneously on July 1st. The Rental Housing Office will schedule those requests by July 15th. Bookings can be made at anytime during the semester subject to availability.

In the event of conflicting requests, preference will be given to the department that has used the facilities for fewer dates in the past.

Request for interterm or spring semester stays will be considered on October 1st according to the protocol outlined above.

Requests for summer stays will be considered on March 1st according to the protocol outlined above.

Advanced requests for extended sequential stays, e.g., every weekend for a semester, will not be honored so that a department cannot monopolize use of visitor housing to the exclusion of other departments. Back to top

What services are provided?

The visitor is responsible for daily cleaning and final cleaning before leaving. The College will provide limited and reasonable cleaning services only at the time of turnover after extended stays. The College also provides fresh sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases for guests arrival.
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Where and when are keys picked up and returned?

Keys are picked up and returned at the dispatch desk of the Campus Police office. Standard check-in time is 2 p.m. Standard check-out is noon. Any special requests for different check-in or check-out times, or for an individual other than the guest to pick up the key must be noted in the reservation form. Back to top

What if an occupant damages a room or leaves it in such an unkempt state that intensive cleaning or maintenance is required?

The department sponsoring and paying for the stay will be charged for the cleaning/repair on a time and materials basis. Such damage repair will be charged to their department account. Similarly, departments will be charged for re-keying rooms for guests who do not return keys. Back to top