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Amherst College

Teacher/writer looking for a one or two bedroom apartment, hopefully with lots of windows, on the top floor or stand alone. Ideally, laundry facilities; also, a little bit of lawn or porch. Amherst /Northampton area. I am a highly responsible woman with great communication skills. I am a solopreneur and have national and international clients.
July lease would be great; however, open to future dates. Please call (919) 475-2661 or email: Website: Thank you! (posted 6/15/22)

Hello. My wife and I are both Amherst College alums (Class of 2003) and are now in our 40s with two children. We have a truck scheduled to move to Amherst on 10/1 but the owner decided to sell the property we were going to rent. I need to complete a practicum I have secured in the area for my MA State license to become a principal/superintendent in conjunction with a graduate program I am completing online from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. My wife is an attorney and you can learn about her in her Linkedin profile: Please email or call 773.330.2674 with any SFH or 3BR apartments for rent in the Amherst or 5 college area. Thank you in advance. (posted 9/20/21)

Mount Holyoke College

Hello! I'm a visiting faculty moving from the west coast. I'm looking for something less than $1500/month. I'm looking for either a large studio or 1 bedroom apartment. Ideally, it would either have elevator access or be on the ground floor. You can contact me at (Posted 6/6/22)

Smith College