Upcoming Presentations, Trainings and Circles

The Center for Restorative Practices fosters an inclusive, engaging campus climate where all members have the tools and experiences necessary to engage in meaningful, restorative dialogue around community and conflict. To help with these efforts, we host a number of presentations, circles and trainings throughout the year for the Amherst College community. See below to explore what we have planned for the upcoming semester.

The events listed below offer a snapshot of events we have offered publicly. We have also offered numerous circles and trainings by request for specific groups on campus and beyond.  If you would like to request a private training or circle for your community or group, please reach out

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Sharing our Mourning for Lost Palestinian and Israeli Lives: Restorative Practices Circles

Oct 30th and Nov 1st -- Future dates TBA

The Center for Restorative Practices (housed in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and, the Center for Religious & Spiritual Life (housed in the Office of Student Affairs) welcome you to participate in these facilitated circles centered on the personal impact of the recent violence in Israel and Gaza. All Amherst students, staff, faculty and local alumni are welcome. We will reach out to confirm your spot or to notify you about future circle scheduling if we reach capacity for these dates.

October 30th: A Restorative Circle for those feeling grief and pain for all humans in this conflict, who want a space - not to convince or dissuade - but to communally grieve, mourn, and bear witness to each other’s humanity. 4 - 5:30pm. Maximum: 15 people.   Register Here

November 1st: A Restorative Circle for those feeling grief and pain over the loss of Palestinian lives, including pain over the current Israeli actions in Gaza and the longstanding Israeli military occupation of Palestine. 4 - 5:30pm. Maximum: 15 people.  Register Here

November 1st: A Restorative Circle for those feeling grief and pain over the loss of Israeli lives from the recent Hamas attack, the longstanding loss of civilian life in Israel and the accumulated impact of antisemitism worldwide. 4 - 5:30pm. Maximum: 15 people.  Register Here

Our intention in offering these different spaces is not to further divide people, but to respond to where people are at in this painful moment by offering separate spaces that might afford a degree of psychological safety that supports vulnerability, authenticity, and grieving.

Future Restorative Circles are being planned and will be announced soon. 

Cross-Cultural Communication & Conflict - 3 Part Workshop

Sept. 26th, Oct. 10th, & Oct. 24th 1pm-3pm EST Via Zoom

The cultures we have been immersed in not only play important roles in establishing our identities, but also impact how we convey information, interpret messages in our interactions, and shape our approaches to dealing with conflict. Unpacking our cultures and their impacts, as well as those of others, can help us better understand instances of miscommunication and conflict, and establish practices that help us become better communicators across difference. By participating in this three-part workshop, staff and faculty will better understand connections between culture, communication styles, and conflict styles, and learn some approaches to enhance communication in their personal and professional lives.

In part one and two, participants focus on better understanding their cultures and how they influence communication within and across cultures. In part three, participants explore the connection between culture and conflict, examining the different approaches to conflict. In all three parts, participants will connect their culture and communication/conflict approach to the Amherst community and learn some strategies to help in their personal and professional interactions.

This workshop is co-facilitated by the Center for Restorative Practices and the Office of Workforce Equity and Inclusive Leadership and is open to all students, staff, faculty, alumni and off-campus participants!

LINK TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/TWjjuAEmL7gfBYMb9 

Off to College Already?! A Restorative Impact Circle for Parents/Guardians Of College-Aged Students

1:30 to 3pm at Amherst College, Pemberton Lounge, Chapin Hall - In Person

Do you experience a roller-coaster of emotions about your young adult heading off to college?
Come to a Restorative Impact Circle with other parents/caregivers who share some of what you are feeling, too, where deep listening and if appropriate deep sharing come together to underline our mutual human experience in all its complications, messiness and beauty. You are seen and validated as someone who has arguably spent a lifetime safe-guarding and loving a child who is now becoming an adult. Open to all caregivers of college-aged dependents, including parents of Amherst College students and faculty/staff with college-aged children! 

LINK TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/JqKQsKbTMRAXqzsYA 

Restorative Practices Circle Keepers Training - 3 part Workshop

Oct. 2nd, Oct. 16th, & Dec. 4th from 1pm-4pm EST via Zoom

Interested in becoming a trained Restorative Practices Circle Facilitator? Restorative Practices Circles are a dialogical tool rooted in Indigenous ways of being that can be used to strengthen relationships and build community through storytelling. The Center for Restorative Practices is hosting a 3-part Circle Keepers Training that is made up of 3 training sessions that last about 2 hours each, and take the span of about 4-6 weeks to complete. 
This training is experiential by design, includes session readings, group discussions, and requires that you complete a final project consisting of designing and facilitating a circle on campus. Registration is open for students, faculty, staff, alumni and off-campus participants!

LINK TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/cwE7YnuDHohrfTAo7

Who, What, How? The Center for Restorative Practices at Amherst College

November 7th 1pm-3pm EST via Zoom

In 2021 Amherst College officially launched the new Center for Restorative Practices. What is/are Restorative Practices? How does this relate to Restorative Justice? What does this mean for Amherst College? How can I be involved? Come to an experiential presentation and training that explores these questions. All students, staff, faculty, alumni and off-campus participants are welcome!

LINK TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/ngo1arTWpWWRySKCA

Restorative Practices: Conflict & Conflict Transformation in the Heat of the Moment

Oct. 30th 1pm-3pm EST via Zoom

How can I better handle conflict in the workplace? Why am I so afraid of conflict? What practical ways can I mediate conflicts? I need help today, what are some tangible skills? Come to our workshop to learn from experts in the field of conflict transformation; join others eager to courageously look at conflict in our workplaces; and examine practical skills that you can walk away with immediately. All students, staff, faculty, alumni and off-campus participants are welcome!

LINK TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/N5PouuiVx41jMCof6 

How to Use a Restorative Circle for Building Community & Deepening Trust

Nov. 14th from 1pm-3pm via Zoom

A Restorative Practices Community Building Circle is a transformative tool that fosters trust, connection, and conflict reduction within work teams. By providing a safe and structured environment for open dialogue, participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. This process not only allows team members to truly listen to one another but also helps them better understand diverse viewpoints and experiences. Through active participation and empathy-building storytelling and story listening, the circle enables team members to forge stronger bonds and develop a deeper sense of connection. Furthermore, by addressing underlying tensions and conflicts in a constructive manner, these circles facilitate conflict resolution and prevent issues from escalating, ultimately promoting a harmonious and cohesive work environment where trust thrives and collaboration flourishes.  Come learn about and practice this valuable tool.  All are welcome: students, staff, faculty, alumni and off-campus participants. 

LINK TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/7JXBxCXfFWamfMoY6 

Restorative Practices: Exploring Your Identity Wheel for Enhancing Empathy, Compassion & Conflict Prevention

Nov. 30th from 1pm-3pm via Zoom

When tensions arise at work, we humans are less inclined to engage. “We’re tired.” “We’ve tried.” “It’s better to put our heads down and keep who we are and what we long for deep down inside.” Has this ever been you? Come explore using "Social Identity Wheels" to access the multitudes of who you are, who others are and how to develop bridge-building skills toward each other that make room for your differences -- engaging with one another with more kindness and curiosity for change-making.  All students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents and off-campus participants welcome!

LINK TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/G5GgYa2K1L4mnG7CA