Restorative Justice is respect. Respect reminds us of our interconnectedness, but also of our differences. Respect insists we balance concerns for all parties.” —Howard Zehr


Our CRP Mission is to develop practices that promote connectedness and belonging on campus, build trust across differences, repair harm and transform tensions into meaningful opportunities to grow, learn and change in a safe, trusting community.


Transformational change involves the head, heart, and hands. In that regard, our goals are to:

  1. Teach and Learn restorative responses to harm, community building practices, and concepts of shared responsibility for repair by participating/attending and teaching workshops; reading RP literature; discussing and promoting ideas.
  2. Feel and Experience by honoring emotions and feelings of self and others through active listening, mindfulness, and enhancing curiosity that mitigates rush to judgments of self and others. Engaging the heart is welcomed and needed.
  3. Practice and Progress in RP skills building, by participating in circles, mediations, peer mentoring, teaching, and then reflecting with others and self on the practices, in order to advance in skills, with the aim of being a lifelong learner and practitioner.