staff in Johnson Chapel applaud staff members who are standing to be recognized
All-staff meeting on October 2, 2017 in Johnson Chapel. Watch video of the event.

Welcome, Amherst Staff, to the new Staff Life webpages, a useful resource as we strive to further inform, engage and celebrate the College’s staff. Our goal is to continuously enhance a work environment that engages, attracts and retains a dedicated and talented staff. We hope you will partner with us in any way you can to help us achieve that objective.

Thank you.

Dina Levi
Director of Inclusive Leadership, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Maria-Judith Rodriguez
Chief Human Resources Officer

Michael Stevens

The 2017 All-staff Survey

Johnson Chapel in autumn

Be Heard

How can we improve work life at Amherst?

All staff are encouraged to complete the Staff Survey. The survey will be administered by an external company and your responses will be strictly confidential.

Staff Survey

Incentive to Participate in the Staff Survey

If we reach 600 completed surveys, the College will close on Friday, January 12, 2018, resulting in an additional paid holiday for all employees.

Update, November 14: We exceeded our goal! Thank you for participating in the Staff Survey.

Surveys Completed as of November 14




In Johnson Chapel, staff members stand to be recognized and applauded

October All-Staff Meeting

On October 2, 2017, President Biddy Martin convened a meeting of all College staff. Log in to watch video of the event and read the “Thank You” statements and feedback.

Aerial view of campus showing the Mt Holyoke range in the distance

Employee Council

Elected by staff, the Employee Council provides avenues for staff to participate in policy making; promotes visibility; fosters a supportive work environment and more.

staff talking while seated at a long table at the employee recognition picnic

Inclusive Leadership

The Office of Inclusive Leadership leverages the diverse talents, experiences and perspectives of Amherst’s staff to build an inclusive work culture and more.

Michael Stephens, the Ombudsperson, welcomes an employee into his office

The Ombudsperson

The Amherst College ombudsperson, Michael Stephens, provides confidential workplace counseling to staff.

Yoga class at the Mead Art Museum

Wellness & Fitness Classes

Yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais ATM, Pilates, PIYO, Zumba and more.