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Other Ways to Celebrate Our Contributions

What is it?

As part of our commitment to promoting and supporting a culture of appreciation and gratitude, we want to encourage supervisors/chairs to recognize staff contributions throughout the year. The College will provide support in two ways:

  • Department or division: The College will provide annual funding to every division to support efforts to recognize staff for outstanding contributions to the College via special, project-based departmental or divisional celebrations, events or activities.
  • Campus-wide: The College may also sponsor campus-wide events to recognize milestones and accomplishments of our collective Amherst community from time to time.

Who is eligible?

Any Amherst College staff member(s) may be celebrated on an individual or group basis, by event type:

  • Department- or division-wide: Individuals who lead a division, department, special initiative or project team may submit a celebration idea for approval by a division leader or department head.
  • Campus-wide: These will be determined and approved by senior staff, as appropriate.

What is the timing?

These events may occur at any point in the year.

What do the recipients get?

Rewards may include events that are:

  • Department- or division-wide: Small events, lunches and/or special activities
  • Campus-wide: Events, activities and celebrations for the entire campus community


This program provides an opportunity to highlight areas that often go unrecognized and is intended to celebrate a broad range of accomplishments, from achieving major milestones to recognition for hard work each day.

Events may be:

  • Department- or division-wide: At the division leader’s discretion
  • Campus-wide: At the senior staff’s discretion


For department or division celebrations:

  1. The leader of a department, division, special initiative or project identifies an individual or team who has made outstanding contributions and should be celebrated.
  2. Obtains approval from division leader (if individual requesting is not a member of senior staff).
  3. Submits completed Reinforcing a Culture of Appreciation Division Funds Request form to the Office of Human Resources (OHR), AC# 2204 or to kwesolowski@amherst.edu.
  4. Once OHR confirms the availability of funds, arrange celebration.
  5. Approved funds should be used immediately or within the current fiscal year.
  6. Submit the Reinforcing a Culture of Appreciation Division Funds Expense Report with receipts/invoices to the OHR, AC# 2204 or kwesolowski@amherst.edu, within 30 days after using the funds. 

For campus-wide celebrations:

  1. Senior staff recognizes significant campus-wide effort and wants to reward the community.
  2. Senior staff determines appropriate campus-wide celebration or recognition and arranges celebration.
  3. Submit the Reinforcing a Culture of Appreciation Division Funds Expense Report with receipts/invoices to the OHR, AC# 2204, within 30 days after using the funds.