Congratulations! Spot Award. Mammoth stands in a spotlight, with stars overhead.

The Spot Award

What is it?

The Spot Award is a way for supervisors/chairs to quickly recognize staff for a specific and exceptional activity or accomplishment with a thank-you and token of appreciation.

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Who can receive it?

All staff members, including casuals, are eligible to receive a Spot Award, and any supervisor/chair may recognize an activity and/or accomplishment of a staff member. See our list of recent recipients.

What’s the timing?

The staff member should be recognized as soon as possible, preferably within one or two days of the activity.

What does the recipient get?

Spot Award recognition includes a thank-you note from the supervisor/chair describing the contributions being celebrated. It also includes an Amherst-themed token of appreciation. In addition, awardees will be featured in a range of other internal communications and announcements unless they opt out of public recognition. To opt out of public recognition for any components of this program, a staff member may contact the Office of Human Resources at (413) 542–2372 or


One-time specific and exceptional activity or accomplishment that qualifies as “doing a mammoth job” may include:

  • Providing great service: Delivered superior support to a student, faculty member, staff member, alum or visitor. Exhibited compassion, positivity and understanding when providing assistance. Made a community member feel valued.
  • Great campus citizenship: Upheld the College’s mission through an on-campus activity such as serving on a committee beyond normal job duties.
  • Going above and beyond: Exceeded regular job responsibilities by going the extra mile with a positive attitude and taking initiative without being asked.
  • Creative problem-solving: Offered an idea that improved our workplace or College operation.
  • Commitment to team: Put in the extra effort to help out a co-worker or team. Filled in to support someone else in need outside of normal work expectations.
  • Outstanding rookie performance: Made an immediate impact and meaningful contribution to the department or the broader campus community as a new staff member at the College.
  • Innovation: Thought outside of the box. Put forth a creative idea or solution for achieving the Amherst College vision or improving divisional, departmental or College-wide operations, processes and procedures.


Steps to recognize a staff member through this program:

  1. A supervisor/chair notices or is made aware of an exceptional activity and/or accomplishment of a staff member and would like to recognize their action.
  2. The supervisor/chair submits relevant information—name of the person to be honored, department and description of activity/behavior—through an online form that is automatically routed to the staff member and the OHR Recognition & Rewards administrator.
  3. The staff member receives a thank-you note via email or printout from the supervisor/chair for doing “a mammoth job,” as well as an Amherst-themed token of appreciation picked up from the divisional representative and delivered by the supervisor/chair.
  4. This staff member is recognized publicly, unless they opt out.

Congratulations! Spot Award. Mammoth stands in a spotlight, with stars overhead.

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