You have received a Staff Shout-Out! Kudos, Thank You, Great Job! Amherst Appreciations

Staff Shout-Out

What is it?

The Staff Shout-Out offers a quick and easy way for co-workers to recognize one another for making noteworthy contributions to our community.

Who can receive it?

All staff members, including casuals, are eligible to receive a Staff Shout-Out, and any Amherst College faculty member, staff member or student may recognize exceptional activity and/or behavior of a staff member. Note: This award comes from anyone who is not the staff member’s own supervisor/chair. 

See our list of recent recipients.

What’s the timing?

The staff member should be recognized as soon as possible, preferably within one or two days of the activity.

What does the recipient get?

A thank-you note describing the behavior that led to the award and an entry into a monthly lottery to receive an Amherst-themed token of appreciation. There are no limits or restrictions on the number of thank-you notes and shout-outs a staff member can receive, and each Staff Shout-Out includes the staff member in the lottery. In addition, recipients will be featured in a range of other internal communications and announcements unless they opt out of public recognition. To opt out of public recognition for any components of this program, a staff member may contact the Office of Human Resources at (413) 542–2372 or recognition@amherst.eduNote: A staff member may win only one award item via the lottery per fiscal year.


Extraordinary contributions or accomplishments that would merit a Staff Shout-Out may include:

  • Completing a job or task especially well
  • Performing a random act of kindness
  • Working behind the scenes to make an event or process run smoothly
  • Mentoring or helping other Amherst community members
  • Collaborating with others and breaking down silos
  • Promoting positive morale and camaraderie through attitude and actions
  • Exhibiting creativity and effective problem-solving
  • Consistently and obviously putting forth hard work
  • Being an ambassador of the College
  • Achieving an educational accomplishment or skill improvement


Steps to recognize a staff member or team through this program:

  1. A member of the Amherst community (“Recognizer”) notices an exceptional activity and/or behavior of a staff member they would like to recognize.
  2. The Recognizer submits relevant information—name of the person to be honored, department and a brief description of the activity/behavior—through:
    1. an online form, OR
    2. a paper form, available in the Building Trades/Paint Shop, Custodial Services, Dining Services, Heat Plant, Mechanical Shop, Rental Housing and Service Center. If a paper form is completed, the Recognizer will provide the top copy to the employee and send the bottom copy to OHR using the preaddressed envelope located with the forms. 
  3. Regardless of the submission method, the form becomes a personalized note from the Recognizer and is sent to the staff member via email (with supervisor/chair copied) or paper copy, thanking them for their activity.
  4. Once a month, OHR conducts a lottery of staff members who have received a thank-you note in that month and randomly selects one to receive an Amherst-themed token of appreciation. Note: A staff member may win only one award item via the lottery per fiscal year.
  5. This staff member is recognized publicly, unless they opt out.

You have received a Staff Shout-Out! Kudos, Thank You, Great Job! Amherst Appreciations

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