Accessibility Services understands that some students may be reluctant to apply with our office. The desire to be independent, to protect privacy, or to "fit in" are some reasons students have told us they've hesitated to register. If any of those reasons sound familiar to you, keep reading!

If privacy is a concern, please know that registering with Accessibility Services and using accommodations will not show on your transcripts. You don't have to disclose your diagnostic information to anyone in order to use your approved accommodations. We will not share diagnostic information without your written consent*. The only information provided to faculty or staff, who need to know, will be your specific accommodation information. 

Records provided to Accessibility Services that pertain to a person’s disability are designated as confidential records and are not subject to disclosure outside of Accessibility Services *except in accordance with applicable law or in certain unusual circumstances including:

a) a medical emergency

b) a situation that presents a direct threat to the health and safety of the student or others

c) a situation involving a discrimination complaint or legal action

 If a student authorizes disclosure of information pertaining to a disability, that authorization may be revoked at any time by providing written notification to Accessibility Services.