Accessibility Services offers Exam Coordination as a resource to assist with scheduling students using approved testing accommodations. As of Fall 2022, coordination of accommodated exams will be done using the new AIM portal. Please review the overview and FAQs below for more information about the updated process. For a full visual guide of how to use the AIM portal for exam coordination, please visit our AIM Faculty Tutorials page

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Access Coordinator at accesscoordination@amherst.edu.

General Process

  1. Students will use the AIM portal to select which accommodations they would like to use in each course. If a student chooses to use an accommodation in your course, you will receive an email with the student’s name and which accommodations they will be using.
  2. If a student has selected a testing accommodation for your class, the email notification will contain a link to the Exam Coordination Agreement, which must be filled out prior to the administration of any accommodated exam. At the top of the agreement, you will also have the option to indicate if your class does not have exams or if you will be administering exams with accommodations on your own.
  3. At least 5 days before an exam, students will log into the AIM portal to schedule a time to take their exam with accommodations. You will receive an email notification when an exam has been scheduled by the student and another when it has been approved by Accessibility Services. If you have not yet filled out the Exam Coordination Agreement, you will be prompted in the email notifications to do so. Additionally, the confirmation email from the AIM portal will contain a link that you can use to upload your exam.
  4. A couple days before the exam, you will receive an email reminder with a note reminding you of the scheduled exam and to upload your exam if you have not already done so. 
  5. Once a student completes an exam, you will receive a notification that the exam is ready for you to pick up from our office. If you have elected to have electronic copies sent to you, that will be done shortly after the exam is finished. Otherwise, please connect with the Access Coordinator to arrange a time to pick up your exams.

For a single-page visual flowchart of the new exam coordination process, please download the attached document.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)