Testing Accommodations FAQ and Form

The Test Coordinator service is offered by Accessibility Services as a resource to assist with scheduling students using their approved testing accommodations. This service is only available for students who have been approved for academic accommodations through Accessibility Services.

The Test Coordinator can be reached for questions at accesscoordination@amherst.edu

Professors/instructors may access the Test Accommodations Request form here. 


  1. Students wishing to use their accommodations must reach out to their professor to discuss the accommodations that they would like to use for the course at least a week in advance of an exam. The professor can then verify the student’s accommodations by viewing the class roster in AC Data.
  2. To guarantee coordination of the request, professors should submit a Test Accommodations Request Form at least a week in advance of the exam date. The professor may input information for up to six students at a time.
  3. After the form is submitted, professors will receive a confirmation page, via email, with the information they entered into the form. Please review the information to make sure it's correct.
  4. The Access Coordinator will work with the student(s) indicated on the request form to schedule the exam within the professor’s preferred range of dates. The location of the exam will be dependent on the student’s needs as dictated by their approved accommodations.
  5. The Access Coordinator will relay the time and location of the scheduled exam to the professor. If the professor normally takes student questions during the exam, professors will provide a method of contact to the Test Coordinator or directly to the student for the student to reach them.*
  6. Professors should send the exam no later than 24 hours before the agreed upon test time to guarantee the exam will proceed as scheduled. If the exam is not provided in a timely fashion the Test Coordinator will make every effort to honor the originally scheduled exam time, but may need to reschedule or cancel the exam.
  7. The student will arrive five to ten minutes before the scheduled exam time to pick up their test before proceeding to the test location.
  8. After the student has completed the exam, the Test Coordinator will return the test via the method selected by the professor in the Test Accommodations Request (ex. professor picks up the test or the Test Coordinator scans and emails the exam).

* Methods of contact can include: providing your cell phone number directly to the student, arranging to drop into the student’s exam to answer questions, or other agreed upon method between the professor and student.

Frequently Asked Questions for Professors

Q: Do I have to submit a test request for each individual exam? For each student?

A: There is an option on the Test Accommodations Request Form to list additional exam dates for the semester including the final exam, if applicable. The Test Coordinator will schedule exams for the semester based on this list unless otherwise notified. The request form allows you to submit accommodation information for up to six students at a time.

Q: Can the Test Coordinator set up/play media files necessary for my exam?

A: The Test Coordinator is only able to arrange this when the exam is located in Converse Hall. If rooms are not available in Converse during the scheduled time, the professor must make alternate arrangements. This is subject to change during busy seasons such as midterms and finals, as the Test Coordinator will need to be present at their desk to hand out exams.

Q: If a student’s accommodation involves the use of additional technology (such as a laptop), who is responsible for procuring it?

A: The professor must request the technology needed for the exam through Multimedia Services one week before it’s needed. The student is responsible for picking up and dropping off the technology to Multimedia Services.

Q: How can I be sure that my students will not cheat on their exams?

A: The Test Coordinator schedules and hands out exams but does not proctor them. The student is bound by the Amherst College Honor Code and may be asked to turn off their cell phones and other devices during their exam. Consistent with the Statement of Intellectual Responsibility, found in The Honor Code, “Examinations will not be proctored unless an instructor judges that the integrity of the assessment process is clearly threatened.  An instructor may be present at examinations at appropriate times to answer questions.”

Q: Why can I not use this service for students without academic accommodations?

A: We recognize there are many reasons students need to take exams at times other than the scheduled class time. However, this service is provided through Accessibility Services where we only have specified resource for students with approved disability-related accommodations.