Applications and Software


  • Available for computer (website), mobile device, and tablet
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • This is a free note taking software and application that allows the user to record lectures and meetings while taking notes. These notes can then be shared wirelessly between devices. The premium version of Evernote provides more storage space for audio recordings among other features.


  • Available for computer (website), mobile device, and tablet
  • Approximate cost: Free with in app purchases
  • Audiotnote is a note taking, voice recording software that allows teh user to play back their audio while highlighting the text simultaneously

MyScript Smart Note

  • Available for tablets and mobile devices
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Allows you to export handwritten notes as text; you can interact with your notes, by drawing, writing, and sketching, all stored digitally

Microsoft OneNote

  • Included as part of Microsoft Office
  • Approximate cost: Amherst College offers free Microsoft Office
  • Helps with organizing thoughts into different folders and pages, to-do lists, and helps organize projects

Google Keep

  • Available for computer (website)
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Color code and keep track of series of sticky notes that can be expanded into a Google Doc if necessary



  • Assistive technology device
  • Approximate cost: $99+
  • Livescribe Smartpens allow users to take hand written notes while recording the lecture they are listening to. Notesbooks then sync to Livescribe software or Evernote, depending ont he smartpen model. Livescribe Sky pens sync wirelessly and come with an Evernote subscription for the user.