Applications and Websites

  • Available for computer (website), mobile device/iOS, Tablet
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Dictionary and thesaurus application that provides users definitions and synonyms in various languages

Natural Voice Reader

  • Available for computer (website, software)
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Text to speech website and software with an optical character recognition (OCR) function (converts printed characters into digital text). The website allows users to customize the voice, language, and speed being used.


  • Available for computer and mobile device/iOS, android
  • Web extension and application that allows users to have their emails, selected text, web articles, and documents read aloud to them. Application with continue working if user natigates away from the application screen


  • Available for mobile device and tablet/iOS
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Application by Evernote that allows user to use their phone or tablet to scan a document or set of notes with their camera and upload and share it to a number of sources

Audio Books


  • Available for computer, mobile device
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Text to speech software for document conversion; allows users to convert documents into MP3 files

Read Write Gold

  • Available for computer, tablet, mobile device/iOS, Chrome Extension
  • Approximate cost: Varies
  • Texthelp software and application that works as a text to speech program that provides users with various dictionaries, highlighting features, and fact mappers


  • Available for computer (website), mobile device/iOS/android, tablet
  • Approximate cost: Free, with in app purchases
  • Audiobook application by Amazon that allows users to purchase audiobooks and listen to their purchases on various devices


  • Available forĀ computer (website, software), mobile device/iOS/android
  • Application and website that allows users to view available eBooks and audiobooks from libraries of their choice
  • Application has a "dyslexic font" option