Applications and Websites


  • Available for computer (software)
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Time management software
  • This program runs in the background of your computer and tracks the time spent on various applications and websites, breaking down how much time is spent doing what throughout your day. This software allows the user to block websites for a desired amount of time and alerts users when they've spent over a set amount of time on one task


  • Available for computer (website), Mac OSX
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Software that allows the user to block access to distracting websites and webmail; all "blacklisted" sites will be blocked for the designated amount of time, even if the user restarts his/her device


  • Available for mobile devices/iOS, android
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • StudyBlue is an online library of study materials, generated by over 250 million users


  • Available for computer (website), tablet, mobile device/iOS, Chrome Extension, android
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Flashcard application that allows users to select various study sets and create their own flashcards


  • Available for computer (website)
  • Approximate cost: Free
  • Timer for desktop that syncs with to do lists (Wunderlist, Evernote, etc.); work in 25 minute intervals with breaks in between

Pomodoro Keeper

  • Available for mobile devices and tablets
  • Approximate cost: Free/$1.99
  • Timer for iOS devices; 25 minute work intervals with 5 minute breaks for focus



  • Use these to break up long study sessions and to focus/avoid distractions


  • Time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s that uses a timer to break larger projects/work goals down into smaller, more manageable time chunks. See above for websites and applications that support the use of this technique.