The College will provide disability-related accommodations and services after a student has completed the interactive process with Student Accessibility Services, and it has been determined the student is eligible for disability accommodations in accordance with Section 504 and the ADA.

Housing Accommodation Deadlines: March 1st (For Fall 2024)
 - Documentation must be submitted and an interactive meeting with our staff completed by the deadline.

The steps to apply for accommodations include:

Step 1. Use the AIM Portal to fill out an application.

  • Log on to the new AIM Portal using your Amherst College username and password in order to complete an application. Once the application has been completed, we will reach out to you to schedule a meeting to talk more about documentation and what accommodations might be best for you

Step 2. Provide documentation from a licensed medical provider.

  • If you already have documentation from your provider, you can upload it with your application on AIM.
  • Alternatively, you can use this disability documentation form and request that your current provider fill it out. You may then upload the completed documentation via your AIM account. Alternatively, you can have your provider directly email Student Accessibility Services at with the completed documentation.
  • Please note: The obligations under Section 504 to a student in elementary and secondary school are different from the obligations in post-secondary school.  Please refer to the OCR (Office for Civil Rights) pamphlet for students preparing for post-secondary school to better understand the difference.