All students are encouraged to program the number for the Amherst College Police Department into their cell phones: (413) 542-2111

Students who have sensory, mobility, or chronic health conditions that may affect their ability to evacuate a building in the case of emergency are encouraged to notify Accessibility Services.

Accessibility Services maintains a campus Emergency 911 List that is distributed to all campus emergency personnel.  If assistance is required in the case of an emergency, students are encouraged to:

  • Schedule an appointment with Accessibility Services to address what to do in case of fire, environmental hazard or other emergency situation; discuss strategies and accommodations to enhance safety, such as emergency aids in a residential room.
  • Speak with professors and residential staff at the beginning of each semester to discuss evacuation procedures and other safety issues.
  • Avoid elevator use during an emergency.  Elevators should not be used under any circumstance once an alarm has been activated.