Accessibility Services offers Exam Coordination as a resource to assist with scheduling students using approved testing accommodations. As of Fall 2022, students are responsible for scheduling their own accommodated exams using our new AIM software. Please visit our AIM student guides page for a full walkthrough of how to use the portal to choose classes you'd like to use accommodations in and schedule exams as they come up throughout the semester. For more general information on the updated process, please review the expectations and FAQ below. 


Before the Exam

At the beginning of the semester, students are expected to use the AIM portal to select which accommodations they'd like to use in each of their classes. About a week in advance of an upcoming exam, you should schedule the exam through AIM. Please speak with your professor if you will be unable to take it at the same time as the rest of the class. 

Please note: Accessibility Services needs at least 5-7 days advance notice in order to guarantee that we can coordinate space for your exam; please plan accordingly.

Once you've submitted the request, you should keep an eye on your email and communicate with the Access Coordinator in a timely manner while in the process of scheduling your exam time. You will see an update on the AIM portal when you have been approved for a selected exam date/time.

Scheduling Availability

Accessibility Services is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm* during the semester. Please plan accordingly when scheduling a time to take your exam.

*During finals week, we are able to accommodate exams from 8:30am-6:00pm.

On the Day of the Exam

Please arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled exam start time. The Access Coordinator will let you know during the scheduling process the location where you will take your exam. You should bring writing utensils, any additional allowances from your professor (such as notes or calculators), and any additional allowances based on your accommodations (such as laptops or assistive technology). Accessibility Services can provide a printed copy of your exam and any other needs based on your approved accommodations.

Accessibility Services will respect your privacy and anonymity as much as circumstances permit. While your specific accommodations and disability will not be shared with anyone, other students with testing accommodations may be in the room during your exam. A staff member will be available for the full duration of your exam and will provide clear directions on how to reach out with any issues or concerns you might have. 

If you have an emergency that prevents you from coming to your scheduled exam time, please communicate right away with the Access Coordinator and your professor. 

Timeliness and Breaks

If you do have an emergency as mentioned above, the Access Coordinator will work with you and your professor to reschedule when possible. This may depend on individual circumstances, the nature of the exam, or scheduling capacity.

It is important that you arrive on time for your scheduled exam, as we have limited space and cannot always extend the use of testing space. Except in the case of an emergency reschedule, you will be granted no more than 10 minutes of a grace period for your exam start time. Time will begin for your exam when you are seated, or 10 minutes after your scheduled time if you have not yet arrived.

If you have an accommodation for Breaks as Needed, please let the Access Coordinator know at the beginning of your exam that you intend to use breaks. A reasonable expectation for this accommodation would be a maximum of one 15-minute break per hour of testing time.

Behavior in the Testing Room

Students taking accommodated exams are expected to abide by the Amherst College Honor Code. We also expect you to be considerate of any other students that may be sharing a testing space with you. This includes...

  • Noise. Please refrain from making excessive noise or engaging in distracting behavior, such as tapping pens or humming during your exam.
  • Illness. The percentage of students registered with Accessibility Services who are immunocompromised is higher than at the college overall; please help us keep our community safe. If you are ill on the day of your exam, please contact both the Access Coordinator and your professor to determine appropriate next steps.
  • Masking. Masks are no longer required in academic spaces, but please consider other students and mask up if you are experiencing any cold-like symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)