Academic Standing

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You can view your grades on Workday. Log in, and, click "Academics" on the left navigation list.  Click either "Current Classes" or "Academic History" depending on the term you would like to review. Please note that students can view grades as they are posted. Instructors enter them at different times.

Services for Academic Support

Along with the vital academic support provided by your professors and academic advisor, the College also makes available a number of highly effective services that are designed to help you complete your course work satisfactorily. For details, see information on Services for Academic Support.

Class Deans

Please be sure to schedule an appointment with your Class Dean so that the remainder of your Amherst career will prove to be academically successful.

Academic Standing Categories

Academic Review

A student may be placed on review when they receive one or more warning grades (D, F) at midterm.  Students in this category are told of the Committee’s concern about their performance, are asked to see their class dean immediately, and are informed that the Committee will review their academic standing again at the end of the semester.

Academic Warning

A student is placed on warning when they fail one course in a semester, receive 2 Ds, or has a semester average below C.  In order to be removed from warning, students must pass all of their courses with no grades below C- and a semester average of at least C.  Students who fail to meet the conditions of warning may be placed on probation the following semester.

Academic Probation

A student is placed on probation when they receive an F and a D, three Ds (but retains an average of C- or above), or an F and two C-’s (but retains an average in courses passed of C or above).  Students will be dismissed from the College, if after being placed on probation their final grades in the following semester do not render a semester average of C or better, or if they fail one or more courses.

Academic Dismissal

Students belonging to one or more of the following groups will be dismissed from the College:

  1. Those who in any semester fail in two or more courses.  Withdrawal from a course while failing it shall count as a failure.
  2. Those who in any semester fail a course and receive an average of less than C in courses passed.
  3. Those who in any semester pass all courses but receive an average of less than C-.
  4. Those who have accumulated delinquencies in three or more courses during their college careers.
  5. Those who have been on probation and have failed to meet the conditions of their probation.

Letter/Number Grade Conversion Equivalents:
A+ = 4.00, A =4.00, A- = 3.67; B+ = 3.33, B = 3.00, B- = 2.67; C+ = 2.33, C = 2.00, C- = 1.67; D+ = 1.33, D=1, D- = .67, F = 0. A Pass does not affect a student’s average.

a faculty member meeting with a student

Supporting Students’ Academic Success

Meet our class deans and our peer mentors, and find a variety of resources to support your academic success.