Information Form For New (or returning) F-1 International Students

Your information cannot undergo initial processing until all mandatory fields in this form have been filled out and you have submitted the form. The information provided within the form must be identical to the information contained in the passport that you will be using to travel to the United States.

I-20 Forms will begin to be mailed in late May and will continue through the month of June. Please allow 10-14 days for processing, at which time, your I-20 form will be sent to the address as indicated by your completed web form and the college will follow your preferred method of mailing (international airmail, or Federal Express). If the document is sent Federal Express, the College will provide you with a tracking number prior to the package being sent. 

Within the email with the tracking number, you will also be provided with your SEVIS identification number and the SEVIS institution number specific to the College. The SEVIS number is required to pay the fee and make an appointment at the Embassy.

Thank you.

Please do not complete the form in "All caps".

Personal Information
Date of Birth: *
(Identify all countries through which you hold citizenship; if you hold multiple citizenships, separate the countries by commas. For example: United Kingdom, Republic of Ghana)
(If you are a citizen of more than one country, specify which country's passport you will use for travel to the United States as a student)
Permanent Residential Home Country Address
Please enter your address in the manner typically used in your home country. 
Documents Mailing Address
Unless we are informed otherwise, your visa documents will be sent to the "Permanent Residential Home Country Address" you've provided above. If there is another, different mailing address to which you want your documents sent, please enter it below in the exact manner to be used for addressing mail to you.
Latest mail date (last date you will able to receive mail at the provided document mailing address):
Further Information about Previous U.S. School
If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, provide the following information about the U.S. school you attended.
(In what visa status did you attend your previous U.S. school?)
(If you entered "Other" in the previous question, enter the visa status in which you attended school)
F-1 Status
If you attended a U.S. school in 2014-2015 in F-1 status, you must do the following:
SEVIS Transer Release Form
Download and submit a completed "SEVIS Transfer Release Form," which you can find here:
Send Copies of Documents
Mail or fax legible photocopies of (1) your most recent F-1 visa from your passport; (2) all pages of all I-20AB Forms issued to you by that school, and, if you are currently in the U.S., (3) both sides of your current I-94 "Departure" card (usually stapled to a page of your passport).
Documents Mailing Address/Fax Number
Send document copies to the International Students Office, P.O. Box 5000, Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002-5000, U.S.A. Or fax them to 413-542-2478.
(Check "Yes" if you are a recipient of financial aid from Amherst College.)
If you are not an Amherst College financial aid recipient:
Download the "Financial Documentation Requirements for Issuance of I-20AB Form" from
(Check "Yes" if you will attend an educational program this summer in the U.S., prior to your enrollment at Amherst College; check "Maybe" if your are unsure.)
Further Information about Summer 2015 Educational Program in the U.S.
If you answered "Yes" or "Maybe," please provide the following information on the program.
Beginning Date:
End date:
Important Information about Mailing of Visa Documents
Ordinarily, visa documents are mailed via international airmail by late May, assuming the student has submitted all necessary information and financial documentation. Depending upon your location, mail delivery may take anywhere from one to three weeks. If you prefer a faster method of delivery, you may request express delivery service. If so, you incur the additional expense of the express delivery by authorizing a charge against your student account that must be paid in full upon your arrival at Amherst. 
Charging Your Student Account
Note that if you charge your student account to pay for express delivery of visa documents and fail to pay the amount due upon your arrival at Amherst College, you will be unable to complete course registration.
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