Section 18. Involuntary Withdrawals

The responsible administrator for this section is Student Affairs. Student Affairs has approval authority.

The College reserves the right to exclude at any time students whose conduct it regards as unsatisfactory, or students who experience medical or behavioral needs requiring a level of support that cannot reasonably be provided while living in residence or participating in an academic program. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to: a student engages in, or is at significant risk of engaging in, behavior that jeopardizes the safety, health, and wellbeing of the campus community; manifests an inability to attend to personal needs related to food, shelter, personal safety and general well-being, such that there is a reasonable possibility of serious physical harm; behaves in a manner that interferes substantially with the rightful daily activities of members of the College or surrounding community, with the educational and/or residential environment, or with the orderly operation of the College, including behavior that imposes a significant burden on the College’s human resources needed for continued management of such behavior; fails to pay term bill by the stated due date; fails to provide required immunization records by the stated deadline; and fails to register as required at the beginning of each term or fails to have all course grades recorded for the prior term.

In addition, a student who has been granted make-up examinations or extensions of time beyond the end of the term, in order to avoid failing those courses, may be required to take a withdrawal. In such cases, fees are not refunded or remitted in whole or in part and neither the College nor any of its officers will have any liability whatsoever for such exclusion. When withdrawals have been imposed by the class deans, the deans will specify any return requirements in writing and will indicate what academic work, if any, must be completed prior to return. All return requirements must be completed by the appropriate deadlines or the student will not be allowed to return and will need to begin the return process again for the next academic semester. Students may appeal an involuntary withdrawal to the Dean of Students or designee.