No vehicle may be parked in a restricted area at any time. Restricted areas are those indicated by signs and/or include driveway entrances, fire hydrants, walks, lawns, etc. 


Student vehicles may be parked on the Campus from 4:30 pm until 2:00 am Monday through Friday and from 4:30 pm Friday until 2:00 am Monday. Any student who parks on the main campus before 4:30 pm, will be subject to an immediate fine of $50.00. The main campus is defined as all parking areas east of South Pleasant Street (except the Orr Rink Lot) and South of College Street. 


Registered student vehicles may be parked in the Tennis Court Lot or the Hills Lot (off College Street, east of the Central Vermont overpass) at any time. These vehicles may also be parked at the Orr Rink Lot from 8:00 am until 2:00 am.


Special exceptions for students involved in student activities, loading and unloading of vehicle, mobility impairments or those requiring temporary exceptions after illness or injury, or where a vehicle is disabled, must be obtained, in advance, at the Campus Police Office.


The Winter Parking Ban is in effect from December 1 until March 31st every year. No vehicle may be parked on campus overnight, including weekends, during the parking ban. Vehicles parked on campus after 2:00 am will be ticketed and may be towed to facilitate snow removal. 


Motorcycles, motor scooters, motorized bicycles and mopeds must comply with all parking and traffic regulations. 


No motorized cycles may be stored on campus in any College building. The owner shall be responsible for any cost incurred to remove a cycle from a College building 


Service Spaces and loading docks are reserved for the use of authorized College vehicles, contractor vehicles or emergency services vehicles. All other vehicles are prohibited from using these spaces. Offending vehicles may be towed at the direction of the Campus Police Department. 


The Campus Police Dispatch (X 2291) must be notified of all disabled motor vehicles. If a vehicle is interfering with the safe flow of traffic Campus Police will tow it at the expense of the vehicle owner. If the vehicle is merely parked in a designated area for which it is not permitted Campus Police will grant a twenty-four-hour exemption to the owner to arrange removal or repair. 


Abandoned motor vehicles will be towed at the expense of the owner in compliance with Massachusetts General Law. The towing and subsequent storage and/ or disposal cost are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. The owner of the vehicle may also suffer the penalties of law under MGL Chapter 90 section 22B. Vehicles may be towed at the direction of the Chief of Campus Police or their designees. Amherst College accepts no liability for any vehicle abandoned on College property and vehicles that do not display valid registration plates and/or a College parking decal may be considered abandoned.


Vehicles in violation of College policy may be ticketed, towed, or immobilized (booted). This includes all faculty/staff, student, visitor, and unregistered vehicles. 


Any student convicted of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs may not apply for a permit to park on the Amherst College campus and may not operate a motor vehicle on campus. 


Students in violation of criminal sections of Chapter 90 of the Massachusetts General Laws, such as Operating Under the Influence, Operating to Endanger or Operating After Suspension, may face criminal charges in addition to College adjudication. 


The maximum speed limit on any campus roadway is fifteen (15) miles per hour.


No vehicle shall be operated with persons on any part of the vehicle not intended for passengers, including, but not limited to, the hood, trunk, roof or other exterior part.


Vehicles must stop and yield to pedestrian traffic.


The registered permit holder is responsible for all traffic citations received on the vehicle, regardless of whether or not they are in immediate control of the car. 


Students with more than six parking violations will be placed on the boot list and may have their vehicle booted. The boot removal fee is $50 and can be charged to a student account. The Parking Coordinator may only remove a vehicle from the boot list upon compelling reason and after consultation with the Chief of Campus Police.


Vehicles that pose a danger to public safety may be towed at the direction of any police officer or upon the request of any fire fighter in the performance of their duties.