Amherst College students who wish to operate a profit-making enterprise on campus must register the enterprise with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) before beginning the enterprise and at the start of each academic year thereafter.


Amherst College students may not engage in the sale or distribution of goods or services to others in which such enterprise uses or involves any College facility or equipment, including residential buildings, Valentine Dining Hall, the post office and the campus telephone system, without advance written approval of the OSA.


The words “Amherst College” may not appear as part of distributed materials or as part of the return or business address on any correspondence without written permission from the OSA.


Students wishing to operate a profit-making business are required to submit a business plan to the OSA.


Students requesting permits for sale or solicitation must show ability to cover complaints, refunds, uncollectible receivables and injury. All enterprises must comply with federal, state and local laws and ordinances.


Copyrighted material is not allowed unless a written release form is obtained from the holder of the copyright.


Enterprises must renew their permits at the beginning of each academic year.


The OSA may review the operation of any campus profit-making enterprise and may revoke permission to operate at Amherst College.


Recognized nonprofit Amherst College student organizations must work out the conditions of any proposed profit-making endeavors with the OSA.


On-campus commercial vending by non-Amherst College students is prohibited. Solicitation of funds or support by off-campus nonprofit organizations must be approved by the OSA.


Failure to comply with the above regulations may result in adjudication.