Findings and Sanctions Precedents

The Office of Student Affairs publishes sanctions assigned by the Community Standards Review Board (CSRB).  CSRB sanctions are assigned when a student Respondent has either accepted responsibility for an allegation or when the CSRB has determined that the student is responsible when a student does not accept responsibility.

Personally-identifiable information, including incident dates, have been removed from the precedent summaries.  These precedents reach back between 8-10 years, depending upon the category of conduct.  They are listed in a non-chronological order.

These precedents are available to the Amherst community for the following purposes:

  • Awareness of the types of conflicts that progress through the Community Standards Adjudication Process to the CSRB
  • Awareness of the sanctions that have been issued during the last several years


These precedents are not prescriptive to future panels of the CSRB, but they do assist the panel in addressing the balance between consistency and fairness and individualized education and accountability.  Some of the factors that affect sanctioning decisions are:

  • Nature of conflict (seriousness, scope of injured parties, intentionality, premeditation)
  • Prior adjudication history
  • Policies, standards, and procedures contemporary to the date of the incident