Students: Join Your Community Standards Review Board (CSRB)

The CSRB resolves cases in which a student is alleged to have violated the Student Code of Conduct.  The Board determines responsibility and assigns educational outcomes as appropriate. 

We are looking for students with:

  • A clear & logical thought process
  • The ability to maintain objectivity regardless of past experience
  • The ability to work closely & collaboratively with peers, faculty, & staff members
  • A sense of current events on campus
  • An understanding of the mission of the College

The CSRB is currently recruiting students who are able to serve on the board starting in Fall 2020. Please contact with any questions!



Information for Applicants

Description of a Student Member’s Role 
The CSRB adjudicates cases in which a student is alleged to have violated the Student Code of Conduct.  The Board determines responsibility and assigns sanctions when appropriate. The student members of the Board also engage in educational programming efforts to raise awareness of community standards conflict resolution opportunities and adjudication procedures.

  • Attend any pre-semester and ongoing training sessions as scheduled
  • Serve as an active participant of the CSRB panel during hearings
  • Provide support and information to the Amherst College community by taking part in educational outreach efforts

Skills Developed 
Student members of the CSRB receive theoretical and practical training on a variety of relevant topics, including intellectual responsibility, substance abuse, interpersonal conflict, and conflict resolution.  Interpersonal and communication skills are also strengthened through scheduled training sessions and the participation in hearings. These include:

  • Analytical and contextual thinking
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Interacting appropriately with confidential and sensitive information
  • Active and critical listening
  • Clear and concise verbal communication

The successful candidate for a position on the CSRB will demonstrate a clear and logical thought process and the ability to maintain objectivity regardless of previous experience. A demonstrated ability to work closely and collaboratively with peers, faculty, and staff members is important.  

Candidates should have a sense of current events on campus, and should understand the mission of the College. Candidates must demonstrate availability in their academic and co-curricular schedules that balances the duties of the CSRB with their own student success. 


Application Form

The Student Code of Conduct authorizes the Office of Student Affairs to welcome the student community to participate as candidates for service on the Community Standards Review Board.

Office of Student Affairs Selection
A campus-wide inclusion-focused application process will be held during each fall semester. Selected students will be welcomed to the CSRB in the following spring semester. All currently enrolled students studying on the Amherst College campus, who will also be enrolled and studying on the Amherst College campus for at least one semester in the academic year that follows their application, will be eligible to apply. The term of membership of students selected in this process will be 2 years.


Please complete and submit the form below by 11:59pm Sunday, February 2, 2020.

Planned Leaves: *
At this time, do you plan to be away from campus during either or both of the following semesters?
Summer Availability: *
If you become a member of the Board, would you be interested in participating in summer panels and/or trainings?

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