Adjudication before a Panel of the Community Standards Review Board (CSRB)

12.11. Adjudication before a Panel of the Community Standards Review Board (CSRB)

Panels of the CSRB hear cases referred to it by the Office of Student Affairs that require responsibility and/or sanction determinations. 

12.11.1. Composition of the CSRB

The CSRB is a pool comprised of Amherst College community members only—faculty, students, and staff. When a panel is convened, the Dean of Students or designee serves as a nonvoting Chairperson. The dean is joined by 5 voting panel members, 3 of whom are students, and 2 of whom are faculty. Section 12.11.2, Ad Hoc Panels, authorizes the Dean of Students or designee to convene ad hoc panels as necessary. Faculty
The faculty members of the Community Standards Review Board will be elected during a meeting of the faculty after nomination by the Committee of Six or after nomination from the floor. They will normally serve 3-year terms, and their terms, when possible, will be staggered so as to maintain continuity from year to year. Students
Student members of the Community Standards Review Board will be chosen by one of two mechanisms, election or appointment by the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) or selection by the Office of 
Student Affairs. Association of Amherst Students Election/Appointment
In an election conducted by the middle of the second semester of each academic year. The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) will oversee the following procedures: 

The election will be conducted according to the procedures outlined in the Code of Elections. The 4 candidates, with no more than two of the 4 candidates representing the same gender identity, who receive the high- est number of votes will be elected. If this procedure cannot be followed because of an insufficient number of candidates, then the College Council will appoint a student to any position unfilled by election. 

If one of the elected students resigns, the AAS will appoint an alternate, and the alternate will be of the same gender identity as the student who re- signed when possible. In the event elected students are not available, and substitutes are required to maintain the quorum for a case, a substitute will normally be appointed by the Chairperson of the College Council. Student members will begin their two-year term on July 1 of the year of their election. Office of Student Affairs Selection
A campus-wide inclusion-focused application process will be held during each fall semester. Selected students will be welcomed to the CSRB in the following spring semester. All currently enrolled students studying on the Amherst College campus, who will also be enrolled and studying on the Amherst College campus for at least one semester in the academic year that follows their application, will be eligible to apply. The term of membership of students selected in this process will be 2 years.

12.11.2. Ad Hoc Panels

Section 12.11 describes procedures for assembling panels derived from the membership pool of the CSRB. The CSRB is active only when classes are in session; there are no regularly scheduled hearings during final examinations or recesses. Occasionally, however, circumstances induce a Complainant or Respondent to desire an expedited resolution during a period when the CSRB is inactive. In these circumstances, the Dean of Students is authorized to provide voluntary, alternative mechanisms for conflict resolution, including the assemblage of ad-hoc panels, provided both parties to the conflict consent to the voluntary alternative. Ad hoc panels may be comprised of Amherst College students or faculty, whether they are derived from the CSRB or not. Panel compositions as described in Section 12.11 may be adjusted at the discretion of the Dean of Students or designee. Ad hoc panel members will be familiarized with relevant policies and procedures prior to their service.