The Office of Student Affairs is entrusted with the privilege of developing and stewarding healthy and interdependent community at Amherst College.  Our various offices, departments, and services collaborate with local health and wellness resources in the Pioneer Valley to provide tailored support to students as they encounter academic, interpersonal, or environmental challenges.

Intellectual life at the College is the central core of a student’s experience.  Academic opportunities and obligations are interwoven with a complex mesh of threads representing relationships, social structures, nutrition, restfulness, and health.  Pressures of all types affect wellness, and occasionally, behavior and judgment.  Affected behaviors are just as varied as the pressures that precipitate them—and range from barely perceptible to alarming.  Our emphasis on interdependency encourages all of us to be mindful of our wellbeing and that of others—and to notice changing behaviors that could indicate that a person is struggling.

Early interventions with conflict through the provision of resources or increased structure improve student success outcomes and quality of intellectual and social experience.

We call upon all members of the Amherst College community to join together in matching resources and professional services with students who may be in need!

Sharing Information

1). Identify the appropriate form.  Contact an Office of Student Affairs administrator if you have any questions about what information to share or to inquire about who will receive the information and what’s likely to result from your choice to share.  

2). Complete the form.  You are always warmly welcome to contact the Office of Student Affairs administrator who is listed on the form you submit.  The OSA administrator can explain to you how to appreciate any privacy or confidentiality concerns that attach to the information you submitted.  Because of federal and state privacy laws and College privacy polices, you may not have access to details about the student of concern or the College’s response.

3). Reflect on your role and needs.  Your concern for a student’s behavior or wellness prompted you to share information with the College.  THANK YOU.  This is a choice that recognizes values rooted in our Student Code of Conduct and improves the resiliency of our community.  

You have initiated a positive intervention for another person—but how has your interaction with the student of concern or their circumstances affected you?  Can the College assist YOU in any way that you have not yet identified?  If you chose not to share your name as the sharing party, the College cannot fully appreciate your needs.  Please consider seeking assistance from one or more of the College’s resource centers.

The forms below provide introductory information,  including information about who receives the information you provide, and what steps  typically follow a submission.  Each form lists a contact person who can respond to questions  before or after your submission of the form.  

Note: Forms are appropriate for use by students, faculty, staff, family members, friends, and any other person who cares about an Amherst College student and the community standards found in our Student Code of Conduct.

Care Report

Choose this form if a student’s behavior is causing you concern.  While the student may have violated College standards, your purpose for submitting this form relates to you wish for a behavioral intervention through resources, not an adjudication.  While the College may be required to take adjudicatory steps, the receipt of this form indicates that the person who shared the information is not seeking redress of a grievance against them by the student of concern.

Community Standards Report

Choose this form if the student of concern has aggrieved you, another person, or has violated the community standards in our Student Code of Conduct.  When the College receives this form, it will attempt to contact the sharing party (if not anonymous) for the purpose of discussing informal response or the initiation of an adjudication process.

Sexual Misconduct Report

Use this form if you wish to share information about sexual misconduct that affects an Amherst College community member. This report will go directly to Laurie Frankl, Title IX Coordinator.  This form contains FAQs and answers to guide the user. 

Intellectual Responsibility Report

Choose this form if a student has committed plagiarism, has cheated during a quiz or exam, or has collaborated inappropriately.  Faculty, students, staff, and others may use this form to identify possible intellectual responsibility violations.

Identity-Based Harm Reporting Form

Have You Experienced Identity-Based Harm?  We are here to help.  The first step is to fill out our secure online form, which will be received by the Identity-Based Harm Review Team.  We will determine which office is best suited to help, and someone from that office will reach back out to you confidentially.

Even if you are unsure whether the incident involved bias, please go ahead and fill out our form anyway. We want to know what happened, and we’ll work with you on next steps.