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Answers to Section 3: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing Texts

Illegal trade passage:
  1. Correct. An example of summary. The sentence gives the author and the title. The bibliography would provide more publication information. If you are using an author-date system of citation, you should also include the date in the sentence.
  2. Incorrect. Two things are wrong: some of the language is too similar to the original, and the citation method is incorrect. Do not list the URL in your paper. The phrase "adopt new strategies to deal with this unprecedented struggle that now shapes the world" is too close to the source, in some places identical to it.
  3. Incorrect. This paraphrase is too close to the original. The writer used a thesaurus to change key words, but the sentence structure is identical to the original. (Also, using "etc" in the text is annoying!)
  4. Correct. This is common knowledge. The sentence is so general, it really has nothing to do with the passage from Moises Naim, so there is no reason to cite him.

Romance novel passage:

  1. Correct. This summary is correct; the author's name appears in the sentence so it does not need to appear in the parenthetical citation.
  2. Incorrect. Although the source is documented properly, some of the language is too close to the source, especially the phrases "keep women in their place" and "real female problems." These phrases need to be put into quotation marks or rewritten.
  3. Incorrect. Most of this sentence is copied directly from the source; it needs to be rewritten or partially enclosed in quotes.
  4. Incorrect. the quote is properly attributed to Greer, but the page number refers to Modleski's book, not Greer. Also, there's no need to copy the footnote from the original.
  5. Correct. This example shows how to properly cite one writer quoted within the work of another. Also note how the ellipses and brackets indicate how the "-ing" part of "cherish" was deleted to make the quote flow better. The ellipses indicate that something was deleted; the brackets indicate that the ellipses were not in the original source.
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