The deadline to complete these forms is June 15, 2018.

AC Data provides Amherst College applicants, students, faculty and staff, as well as friends and family, secure administrative information including advising, student accounts, class lists, grades and more. 

Login to AC Data using the wrench tool icon (located in the upper-right corner of every page on the Amherst website) with the username and password you created to access your Admissions information or by visiting If you do not know your username and password, contact the help desk. Complete and save each of the New Student forms; click SUBMIT to save them.

Academic Selections

Advising Portfolio: This form helps us pair you with an appropriate college advisor. You will choose and register for your courses with the help of a faculty member on August 30. More information about advising can be found on the Goals of New Student Academic Advising page.

First Year Seminar Selection: This form submits your preferences for your First Year Seminar. We will attempt to respect your rankings, but many factors must be balanced in the distribution of students into courses. Please attend to the deadline for returning this form; preferences arriving late are least likely to be met. More information about the First Year Seminars and a list of the seminars can be found on the First Year Course page. Please be sure to select 1819F from the drop down tab to see current offerings.

Transfer students: All transfer students will be enrolled in the same transfer seminar. You will have the opportunity to opt out of taking this seminar once you arrive on campus to meet with your advisor.

Important Information that Amherst College needs from you as a student

Updating Addresses and Emergency Contacts: The College may need to reach you, your parents, relatives or designated emergency contacts in order to share urgent information (such as a campus emergency, or details regarding a swine flu outbreak), information regarding a personal emergency (such as an injury to you), or information regarding billing. The College also has a mass notification system in place to broadcast information quickly to all members of the community. 

Family Information Form: This form gathers information for your permanent record and to prepare for your arrival.

Communication Preferences: It is important that you review the names and email addresses of people who are recorded as your relatives or contacts in the College's records.  It is the responsibility of the student to identify those individuals that should be included in the billing/payment process and enter the information into the College's system.

New Voices of the Class Permission Form: Every year during orientation a group of students puts on a comedy show for the first year class. The material for this show comes, for the most part, from the admissions essays of your entering class. New Voices of the Class, as the show is called, is often the most popular orientation event. By giving permission, you will let us know that we are allowed to use excerpts from your admission essay if it is selected by the cast. All identifiable information (names, specific locations, schools, etc) will be redacted prior to the cast's receipt of them, so you can be confident that your essay will be kept anonymous.

Accessibility Services: Students who want to apply for accommodations related to a disability should go to the following link regarding deadlines and required documentation.