Please see the College's Academic Calendar

Mid-semester break:  The residence halls and dining hall will remain open as most students, especially upperclassmen, stay on campus since the midterm can be academically stressful.

Thanksgiving break: The residence halls will remain open all of Thanksgiving week, but the dining hall will close after dinner on Friday of the week before Thanksgiving and will reopen for dinner on the Sunday following Thanksgiving. The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) provides shuttle buses to Boston, New York City, and Bradley Airport in Hartford Connecticut for students returning home for Thanksgiving break. More information can be found here (Shuttle Destinations & Times may not yet be updated for Thanksgiving 2016).

Winter recess: Residence halls are closed (one dorm will remain open for international students).  The dining hall will be closed.  For specific dates, please see the College's Academic Calendar. The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) does not provide shuttle buses for winter recess, which is due to the unpredictability of students’ final exam schedules. Other transportation resources are located here

We often get questions from families about making reservations for air travel at the end of the first semester.  It is important that you not make these plans until your student knows his/her schedule for final exams – this information will be available on the Registrar’s website as soon as the exam schedule is finalized, usually by the first week in October.