The Mindfulness and Yoga program is a 2.5-day opportunity to acquire, or strengthen, the habits of a life well lived—ease with self, awareness of surroundings, freedom from reflexes, respect for our bodies, calmness and clarity of mind, appreciation of others. Students will work with experienced facilitators  to create a safe space for personal grounding, before the madness of the semester begins.

Goals of the Program

  • Build deep connections to self, others and the surrounding environment
  • Acquire some concrete tools that will help ground you throughout the semester
  • Build a community and make long-lasting friends 

Mindfulness is a contemplative practice that quiets the mind in order to cultivate a capacity for deep concentration and insight in the face of the 10,000 distractions of everyday life. It is often defined as the awareness that arises by paying attention on purpose in the present moment non-judgmentally.  This course will introduce a series of secular mindfulness practices, including awareness of breathing and body sensations, mindful listening and speaking, mindful emailing, and compassion for self and others. 

In each yoga session we will align the physical body, find the breath, and quiet the mind in a safe and supportive way. Yoga practices are designed for all levels of fitness and experience. Special emphasis will be given to the process of linking body moments to the breath for the purpose of promoting present centered awareness. These practices have been taught for hundreds of years as a way of supporting the meditation process, maintaining bodily fitness, and increasing strength and flexibility.

The Mindfulness and Yoga program will be led by Mirabai Bush and Brandt Passalaqua.

For more information about Mirabai, see the following webpages:

Brandt Neiman Passalacqua will teach yoga in this LEAP program. You can find information about him at

George Mumford will lead a special guest session of practice and discussion.  Author of The Mindful Athlete, George will share what he has learned about mindfulness and high-performance from teaching mindfulness to the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers.


Mindfulness and Yoga requires no previous expeirence in yoga practice but participants can expect to engage in mild body weight bearing, balance, and muscle extension (stretching) activities guided by certified facilitators.