About this LEAP

Learn how the tools and techniques of Improv can immediately help you communicate and listen more effectively, work together as a team and build off the ideas of others. Experience the power of "Yes..And" and see how those simple words can create a more innovative you! The Improv Asylum team will show you how to "Train your Head to Think Fast on its Feet" by giving you skills that will help you prepare, lead and succeed!

Impactful, interactive and engaging sessions will focus on and demonstrate how to build off of others' ideas on the spot. We will examine the power of saying “Yes” versus the power of saying “No”, and we will ultimately introduce the concept of "Yes, and…" - that is, to listen and truly understand someone else and then build off of their idea.   We will explore listening skills and “reading” a group (whether it’s an individual or a full team) and we will demonstrate how to communicate more effectively. We will show how all of this relates to teamwork, communication skills and innovation – with the goal of providing concrete skills to reach better solutions and to achieve more effective results.

About Improv Asylum and IA Innovation

Since 1998, Improv Asylum has been part of the fabric of Boston’s entertainment and business landscape. Located in the historic North End, Improv Asylum and IA Innovation has grown into a multi -million dollar and award winning organization that not only has performed for hundreds of thousands of people at our theaters but is also one of the world’s leaders in delivering innovative and impactful training programs for organizations from Fortune 50 companies to start ups to the best and brightest of educational institutions.

Learning Outcomes

These sessions will use hands-on, interactive exercises to address and build skill sets that will include but not be limited to:

  • Enhanced Communication
  • Presenting your best YOU!
  • Active Listening
  • Build off of the ideas of others
  • Power of saying “Yes”
  • Embracing change
  • Creative thinking
What to Expect
  • You will Laugh as you Learn!
  • You will Stand as you Laugh!
  • You will Interact with your Team!
  • You will Encourage your Team!
  • You will be Comfortable!
  • Each session will be 3 hours in length with breaks.
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