A map of Amherst College

White Circle/Black Text = Outdoor Locations.           Black Circle/White Text = Indoor Locations.   

Click to see larger map. Unless otherwise indicated by your OL or if it is raining, you will meet in the outdoor locations. 

What Is a Squad?

A squad is a small community of students led by an Orientation Leader (OL). This group of students meets four times during Orientation to get to know one another, discuss panels, and ask questions of each other and their OLs. After Orientation, all squads become First- Year or Transfer Scholar seminar courses. These groups are smaller communities, which serve as an introduction to the multi-faceted diversity of our Amherst community.

How Do I Find My Squad/Group?

Your squad and group number is printed on your name tag. Your whole squad is in the same group. If at any point you get lost, there are lots of folks wearing Orientation t-shirts (blue or green) who are here to assist you.

Accessibility for Indoor Locations

Indoor locations have the following accessibility accomodations:

  • A: Accessible
  • NA: Not Accessibility
  • A/NB: Accessible, No Bathroom
  • A/BIB: Accessible, Bathroom In Basement
A Abby LeCates 50 Quad side of Appleton Appleton Common Room (A)
B Alexi Lee 51 Steps of Octagon Babbott Room (Oct. 2nd floor) (NA)
B Ben Gilsdorf 52 Steps of Frost Library Barrett 102 (A)
A Ben Yared 53 Side of James Barrett 105 (A)
B Cynthia Henry 54 Front of Beneski Paino Lect. Hall (Beneski) (A, but far)
A DJ Boakye 55 Quad side of Frost Chapin 101 (A/NB)
B Emmy Sohn 56 Valentine Quad Chapin 103 (A/NB)
A Grayson Mugford 57 Lawn in front of Sci Center Chapin 119 (A/NB)
B Hapshiba Kwon 58 Webster Circle Chapin 201 (NA)
A Ilyas Tezekbaev 59 Webster Circle  Chapin 203 (NA)
B Isabelle Doerre Torres 60 Valentine Quad Chapin 204 (NA)
A Jade DuVal 61 Steps behind Keefe Chapin 205 (NA)
B Jessica Valbrum 62 Side of Keefe Chapin 210 (NA)
A Jon Vale 63 Front Steps of Converse Converse 207 (A/BIB)
B Lemara Williams 64 Lawn in front of Converse Converse 209 (A/BIB)
A Lily Worden 65 Lawn in front of Converse Converse 302 (A/BIB)
B Matai Curzon 66 Between Converse & Morris Pratt Converse 308 (A/BIB)
A Nawoo Kim 67 Front of Fayerweather Fayerweather 113 (NA)
B Nicole Vandal 68 Between Fayerweather & Keefe Fayerweather 117 (NA)
A Noah Robinson 69 Quad in front of James James Common Room (A)
B Rebecca Picciotto 70 Front of Mead Art Museum Seeley Mudd 204 (A)
A Sarah Montoya 71 Quad side of Charles Pratt CPratt Common Room 103 (A)
B Sienna McCulley 72 Front of North North Lounge 1st floor (A)
A Sierra Cox 73 Front of Charles Pratt Seeley Mudd 014 (A)
B Silvia Huang 74 Quad side of Johnson Chapel CPratt Lounge 100 (A)
A Sofia Guerra 75 South side of Quad Seeley Mudd 205 (A)
B Sonja Lazovic 76 War Memorial Seeley Mudd 206 (A)
A Stephanie Nomicos 77 Quad side of South Seeley Mudd 207 (A)
B Sydney Nelson 78 Front of South South Lounge 1st floor (A)
B Witter Swanson 80 Front of Webster Webster 215 (A)
A Rebecca Novick 81 Quad near Webster Webster 217 (A)
B Virginia Ryan 82 Front of Stearns Stearns Common Room (A)
A Anthony Ornelaz 83 Front of Williston Williston Common Room (A)