Amherst’s Summer Humanities and Social Science Program began in 2009 alongside the Summer Science Program and now is part of the Summer Bridge Program. It is an invitation-only program that introduces its participants to the kind of critical reading and analytical writing that will be expected of them in their classes at Amherst. During the three-week program, each participant takes four courses, each of which is taught by an Amherst College faculty member: political science, taught by Professor Austin Sarat; literature, taught by Professor Wendy Bergoffen; philosophy, taught by Professor Nishi Shah; and either economics, taught by Professor Adam Honig, or Law Jurisprudence and Social Thought, taught by Professor Martha Umphrey. Students also take part in writing workshops and work closely with the staff of our Writing Center. Two former Summer Bridge students will support as tutors. Through this program, students will get to know faculty mentors and receive academic advising in the humanities and social sciences.

The transition between writing in high school and college-level writing is one of the most difficult that all students will face, and we are confident that this program will provide participants with strong preparation for the academic rigor of Amherst.

Program Details:

In 2019, the program will run from Sunday, July 21 through Saturday, August 10. The College will pay round-trip travel expenses, room and board, and all other costs of the program. Students will also receive a $1,000 credit to help replace summer earnings expectations in your first year.

For more information, contact:

Cassie Sanchez
Director of Summer Humanities and Social Science in the Summer Bridge Program Senior Writing Associate in the Writing Center