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Ensure your space is prepared for the break!


We in Housing & Operations hope you are enjoying the semester and lovely autumn. During November Break, the Office of Community Living will be conducting Health & Safety Checks for all residential spaces on campus. Health & Safety Checks include ensuring your space is prepared for the break and checking for any visible safety violations. Please thoroughly review the information below on what to anticipate during these checks.

  • Take Important Items with You: If leaving campus for November Break, please keep in mind what you will need over break. Medications, chargers, ID cards, travel documents, and other items are encouraged for all students to take with them during breaks.
  • Prepare Your Space:
    • Remove all garbage and recyclables
    • Remove all perishable food
    • Leave college-issued refrigerators and microwaves plugged in 
    • Where applicable, set the room’s thermostat to 60°F 
    • Close and lock windows, and close all window shades
    • Turn off all room lights
    • Close and lock your door
  • Prohibited Items: Prohibited items found in bedrooms and common spaces will be documented and confiscated. Most confiscated items will be immediately destroyed. Please review Sections 4, 7 and 9 in particular of the Student Code of Conduct for more information. Here is a high level list of the types of items that would be confiscated:
    • All candles and incense, whether previously burned or not, will be confiscated and discarded. 
    • Items described in Section 4, ‘Alcohol and other Drugs,’ of the Student Code of Conduct, will be documented and destroyed/discarded. Possession of these prohibited items will lead to a referral to Community Standards for review.
    • Prohibited appliances, like deep fryers, space heaters, grills and other appliances with exposed heating elements.
    • String lights or other decorations interfering with or draped across egress. 
  • Abandoned Property: Personal items left behind in hallways, lobbies, common areas, and other public spaces inside, or around the outside of the residence halls are considered abandoned property. Personal items left in these locations present fire and egress hazards that can lead to emergency situations. Please be mindful of your community members and keep all public spaces clear of abandoned property and trash in case of an emergency. Abandoned property in common areas will be discarded. The nature of abandoned property is such that it cannot generally be attributed to a single resident and therefore cannot be returned to an original owner. Please ensure all personal items are secured in your assigned bedroom. 
  • Lock Your Room: All bedrooms will be locked following the completion of Health & Safety Checks. Please ensure that you have your room key with you upon departing your room.

Health & Safety Checks will be completed between 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM daily from Saturday, November 18th through Tuesday, November 21st. Residents do not need to be present for the Health & Safety Check in your room. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Stay tuned for more information as November Break draws nearer.

P.S. Don’t forget to register your November Break plans today!


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