Two students back to back in a classroom holding up cards

Welcome to Fall 2023!

Dear Student,

Good September!

Student Affairs has been focused on reorganizing and building this summer and we write today to reintroduce part of the division with our updated name—the Office of Community Living.  Our office, already referred to as ‘OCL’ by many, comprises three teams: the Community Safety Team, the Housing & Operations Team, and the Residential Engagement & Wellbeing Team.  We are located in offices at 38 Woodside Avenue and the Keefe Health Center.

Team Roles

  • The Community Safety Team: Six Community Safety Assistants and a Director work together and with other first responders to maintain a safe environment in our residence halls and the spaces most frequented by our student community.
  • The Housing & Operations Team: This team is responsible for housing assignments, procedures for moving into and departing from campus housing, and for the many opportunities to provide liaison between and among College offices and departments to deliver services to students that supports their connections to the residence halls and their facilities.  Always data driven, the ‘HOPS Team’ will correspond with you often to provide updates and tips for planning for the next transition.
  • The Residential Engagement & Wellbeing Team: This office is comprised of student and professional staff who join with our students to build community and to spread practices of self-care and care for others.  Community Advisors, Peer Advocates for Sexual Respect, Student Health Educators, Program Assistants, Resource Referral Assistants, and Community Development Coordinators are all members of the office. Keep yourself current on upcoming programs and events that center wellbeing!

Community Facilities Information

  • Submit a Service Request: If there is a physical deficiency in your assigned room, a common area, or a restroom, use this email address to log your concern and activate a response.
  • Submit an Environmental Health and Safety Report: Please use this form to report observations of conditions that could affect the environmental health or safety for members of our community.  All submissions are welcome-- please submit a report even if you are unsure if it’s necessary.
  • Room Condition Reporting: Our partners in Facilities and Custodial Services have worked hard to prepare your room for arrival. Your room has a full complement of College-issued furniture, which must remain in the room. We understand everything to be in good working order at this time, and ask that you verify that with us by completing this brief Room Condition Reporting Form before 12 PM on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

In the News

  • Residential Accountability Areas: In the event of a fire alarm in your residence hall, please evacuate the building immediately by the nearest exit, and avoid the elevator.  Refer to the gathering point, or Accountability Area, for your hall.  Keep a distance of 50 feet or more from the building to allow first responders to address the alarm and its cause.
  • Room Freeze: At the start of every academic year we institute a ‘Room Freeze.’ During this time we evaluate who has, and has not, arrived on campus.  After the ‘Freeze’ has thawed, you may connect with your Community Advisor (CA), or Community Development Coordinator (CDC) if you wish to explore a change of housing assignment. During a room change meeting, staff will discuss with you your concerns about your current room space, interpersonal relationships, as well as potential solutions before forwarding the information to the Housing & Operations team.

Please note that not all room change requests will be accepted.  


Housing & Operations Team