A group of students smiling and waving banners

Welcome to the Herd!

Dear Student,

We are so excited for your arrival in just 6 days!

Today we are writing to share your assigned move-in appointment time for the morning of Tuesday, August 29. Time slots have been assigned based on scheduled Tuesday morning activities for you or your roommate(s), and the location of your room.

Your appointment time to arrive at the before moving into Your Room Assignment is XXXX.

Getting to Campus:

  • We suggest setting your GPS to 6 East Drive, Amherst, MA 01002. Each arriving student will be directed to proceed to the South Parking Lot.
  • Construction Abounds! Route 9, Route 116, and several surrounding local roads in Amherst and Hadley are under construction. Additionally, near Logan International Airport, the Sumner Tunnel (Route 1A South) Restoration Project’s first full closure continues through Thursday August 31, 2023. Please adjust your travel plans accordingly.
  • If you are arriving via Rideshare Service, please direct your driver to 6 East Drive, Amherst MA; however, you will not need a dashboard pass! Instead of following directions to the South Parking Lot, have your driver turn up Barrett Hill Drive directly to the First-Year Quad and to your residence hall.  

Arriving & Moving in:

  • At the South Parking Lot we will give each vehicle a dashboard sign for you to label with your housing assignment and cell phone number. Please complete this information to expedite your move-in process.
  • We will then guide you to your residence hall, where student leaders and staff will assist you with moving items from vehicles into student rooms. At your residence hall you will receive your room key, student ID, and other items to get you started this year.
  • As soon as your vehicle is unloaded, the driver will need to move off of the First-Year Quad to allow the next student to unpack their car and begin moving in.

What’s Next?

  • Parking will be available at the Dickinson, East, and South parking lots. A shuttle will help your guests travel between parking lots and Frost Library on the First-Year Quad.
  • Once move-in has concluded, families will be welcomed to join our incoming new students on the Valentine Quad for lunch and the first sessions of Orientation.
  • For more information, check out the Orientation website: upcoming activities

As a reminder, please consult the packing list developed by the Office of Community Living as you prepare to return to campus. We encourage you to label all of your items with your name, building, and room number. As a reminder, each student room will contain one microwave and a refrigerator, and we ask that you do not bring your own.  

Please also remember to pack a mammoth quotient of good cheer and excitement for your first day on-campus! The Community Advisor (CA), and Orientation Leader (OL) teams look forward to seeing you very soon!


The Housing & Operations Team