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Important Information Before You Depart

Dear Student,

We hope you are doing well as you finish this semester with us at Amherst College. We in Housing & Operations have some important information to share with you regarding your housing as you depart Amherst College this semester:

  • Move-out Deadline for Fall Semester: You must move out, return your key, and fully vacate your current housing by noon on Friday, December 22, 2023. We can only approve late departures for students continuing to Spring 2024.
  • Ineligibility for December Closure and January Recess: Students need Spring 2024 assignments to be eligible to reside on-campus during the December Closure period or any part of the January Recess.
  • Cancellation of Future Housing Assignment: Your winter and spring semester housing assignments have been irreversibly canceled as of November 27, 2023. If your plans have changed, please be in contact with us immediately.
  • Availability of Former Housing Assignment: Your former housing assignment was released in yesterday’s Housing Selection Process (HSP).

Departure expectations checklist:

  • Ensure all college-issued furniture is in place 
  • Double-check that you’ve packed essentials conveniently
  • Remove all personal belongings—double-check drawers, dressers, and desk space (all remaining items will be discarded, donated, or destroyed per Section 7.35 of the Code, “Abandonment of Personal Belongings”)
  • Empty trash and recycling
  • Broom sweep or vacuum 
  • Close window 
  • Lock door 
  • Return your room key to your residence hall's key drop box, the drop box by the Post Office, or at 38 Woodside Ave (no returned key = $75+ lost key charge per Section 7.19 of the Code, “Keys”)
  • Complete the “I’ve Moved Out” form upon departure

Failure to meet the above expectations may constitute a violation of section 7.17 (Damage Accountability) or 7.3 (Room Condition Inventory) of the student code of conduct, which may include a referral to Community Standards or the assignment of restitution charges.

Storage Service (Returning Students Only):

Boomerang Storage is our trusted partner in shipping and storage, they have been servicing the campus for many years.  Boomerang will pick up your items from your room following your departure and then return them to your new room before your return in the future. We offer subsidized storage for international students, residents of AK, HI, and PR, and low-income students. Boxes and tape for Boomerang customers are available for pickup at 38 Woodside. Please email service@boomerangstorage.com or call them at 413-535-3200.

What’s Next?

  • 12/23/23- 1/1/24: College Closed
  • 1/26/24: Move-in for students returning from leave
  • 1/27-28: Regular move-in for spring students
  • 1/29/24: Spring Classes Begin
  • 5/16/24: Move-out by noon for non-graduating students  (Corrected date: 5/18/24)
  • 5/26/24: Move-out by 5 pm for 2024 graduating students

Housing & Operations Team

Physical: 38 Woodside Ave. Amherst, MA 01002 
Mailing: Campus Box 2206 16 Barrett Hill Dr. Amherst, MA 01002

Commonly Searched-for Forms and Requests 
We are: Jonathan Riseling, Jess McIntosh, Eleanor Ritzman, and Marie Lalor 

Contact us for support and resources related to your residence hall building, arrival to and departure from housing, your room key, card access, and other logistical questions about living on campus.