First-Year Gender-Inclusive Roommate Placement

The gender-inclusive roommate placement option for first-years allows students to request housing with another first-year student in which the overriding/primary factor guiding placement into the same room need not be a shared gender/gender identity. The gender-inclusive roommate pairing option is open to any first-year student who wishes to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions


Gender-inclusive floor: Housing option for all students where students of all genders live on a single floor. Students who live on gender-inclusive floors include students who request into shared gender and gender inclusive roommate placements.

Gender-inclusive roommate placement: Placement of a student with a roommate whose gender identity may or may not reflect their own.

Gender-inclusive restroom: Restroom that can be accessed by individuals of all genders. Gender-inclusive restrooms may be single- or multiple-occupancy, and may consist of toilets and showers, just toilets, or just showers. Multiple-occupancy restrooms have private stalls for showers and toilets.   

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