Suite and Triple Selection Process - 2022-2023

The Suites and Triples Selection Process (STSP) for the 2022-2023 academic year will be held via Zoom. The date and time is: April 6, 2022.

For the 2022-2023 the Suites and Triples Selection Process, the OSA Operations Team will include suites in: The Greenways (Ford, Lee, Greenway C, and Nicholls Biondi), Jenkins, and Mayo-Smith. The natural (originally intended for three residents) triples included for selection are found in: Chapman, Moore, Plimpton, and Valentine.

All students must complete a housing application in order to be housed on campus. If you are not selected for a suite, you should adjust your housing application before 11:59 PM on April 11 If you are selected for a suite, you should remove yourself from any active groups by 11:59 PM on  April 11.

We will hold the Suites and Triples Selection Process via Zoom for groups of residents desiring one of the 30 available suites and 6 available natural triples. Participation forms go live March 28th. Participation forms are due at 11:59 PM on April 3.

Overall Process:

 We will start with the largest suites first, selecting suites in the following order:

  • 10-person suites (all singles)
  • 5-person suites (singles/doubles)
  • 4-person suites (all singles)
  • 4-person suites (singles/doubles)
  • 4-person suites (two doubles)
  • 3-person suites (all singles) 
  • Natural triple rooms

We are using Zoom for this remote process.  Participants will have access to a live listing of available spaces throughout the STSP process. We will share the Zoom links with registered participants at least 24 hours prior to the Suites/Triples Selection Process event

Attendance on Suite/Triple Selection Day: 

    • We ask that 1-2 members of your group plan to attend and come prepared to assign each suitemate to individual beds in the suite. 
  • If no group members are able to attend, the OSA Operations Team will serve as the proxy for any group whose members are not available to participate in the Suites/Triples Selection Process.

How the Process Works:

Students may apply for up to one of each STSP configuration, but may not apply for multiple STSP groups of the same size. It is important to note that once any member of a STSP application yields a suite or triple any subsequent applications that student was a part of will then be obsolete.  For example, a student may be in a 10-person STSP application and in a smaller configuration, but if they receive a 10-person suite, the smaller configuration would no longer be considered. 

  • Following submission of students STSP Applicalication, OSA Operations will then average the unadjusted Selection Numbers for all members of the group.  This information will then be shared back to participants along with their STSP selection window. 
  • Participants will have access to a live listing of available spaces throughout the STSP process which will update throughout STSP selection day. 
  • Participants will be pulled out of the waiting room, into a selection room to select their suite and make bed assignments in the order of their averaged selection number. 
  • If a group has their number selected for a suite/triple, they can no longer participate in later drawings.
  • Groups who are selected for suites/triples during the STSP will be entered into the suite/triple immediately in our assignment program for the 2022-2023 academic year. These assignments are final, with no opportunity to alter them until after the Room Freeze ends (second week of fall classes).
  • Students assigned to suites/triples will not participate in the General Housing Placement Process.
  • If a student who is assigned to a suite/triple student status later changes and that student will not be on campus for the fall semester, the remaining suitemates must fill the vacancy by contacting the OSA Operations Team. Any unfilled vacancies still existing on July 1, 2022 and beyond can be unilaterally filled by the OSA Operations and the Office of Residential Life. Suitemates will be notified by the OSA Operations Team of new placements made in their suite.

Students with Housing Accommodations Who Enter the Suite/Triple Selection Process:

The STSP will occur prior to the Housing Placement Process. If you are a student who has housing accommodation needs, please be sure to enter the STSP in suites that have rooms that can meet your accommodation needs. It is your responsibility to determine, in advance, the rooms in the suites that will work for you.

By opting to choose a room in a suite that does not meet your accommodation needs, you forfeit selecting a room with an accommodation during the annual housing process. You cannot request a room change until after the Room Freeze ends if you later find the room does not work for you. We cannot guarantee that there will be an available room that also meets your accommodation(s).