Suite and Triple Selection Process - 2023-2024

The Suites and Triples Selection Process allows returning students to register their interest in Suites and Triples across campus. For the 2023-2024 academic year this will include suites in: The Greenways (Ford, Lee, Greenway C, and Nicholls Biondi), Jenkins, Residence Hall A, and Mayo-Smith. The natural (originally intended for three residents) triples included for selection are found in: Chapman, Moore, Plimpton, and Valentine.

If your group is not able to select a suite, you will automatically be enrolled in the following General Housing Selection Process. 

Important Dates:

  • Monday, March 6, 2023- Application Opens
  • Sunday, March 12, 2023 - Application Closes 
  • Friday, March 17, 2023 - Applicants receive group
    • Averaged Housing Selection Numbers
    • Assigned Selection Times 
  • Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - STSP Selection Process via Zoom 

Overall Process:

 We will start with the largest groups first, selecting suites in the following order:

  • 10-person suites (all singles)
  • 5-person suites (all configurations
  • 4-person suites (all configurations)
  • 3-person suites (all singles) 
  • Natural triple rooms

STSP Selection Process will be facilitiated by Zoom.  Participants will have access to a live listing of available spaces throughout the STSP process. Zoom links will be distributed to registered participants at least 24 hours prior to the Suites/Triples Selection Process event

Attendance on Suite/Triple Selection Day: 

  • Participation is required and we encourage at least two members of your group attend. 
  • The process moves quickly and you must come prepared to assign each suitemate to individual beds in the suite. 
  • If no group members are able to attend, you must email Housing & Operations with detailed preferences and plans for proxy service including spaces you would not accept. 
  • All assignments made during STPS are final.  

    How the Process Works:

    All students are welcome to register with a group for each suite size, but no student may register as part of more than one group per size. Groups with students who have registered for more than one group of the same size will be disqualified. This means you may register a 10-person group and a 3-person group, but not multiple 5-person groups.

    • Following submission of students STSP Applicalication, Housing & Operations will then average the unadjusted Selection Numbers for all members of the group. This information will then be shared back to participants along with their STSP selection window. 
    • Participants will have access to a live listing of available spaces throughout the STSP process which will update throughout STSP selection day. 
    • Participants will be pulled out of the waiting room, into a selection room to select their suite and make bed assignments in the order of their averaged selection number. 
    • If a group has their number selected for a suite/triple, they can no longer participate in later drawings.
    • Groups who select a suite or triple during the STSP are selecting their final housing assignment for the upcoming academic year. The Room Freeze ends second week of fall classes. 
    • Students assigned to suites/triples will not participate in the General Housing Placement Process.
    • If a student who was assigned to a suite/triple ultimately will not reside on campus for the fall semester, the remaining suitemates must fill the vacancy by contacting the Housing & Operations Team. Any unfilled vacancies still existing on or after July 1 can be unilaterally filled by the Office of Community Living. Suitemates will be notified by the Housing & Operations Team of new placements made in their suite.

      Students with Registered Housing Accommodations Who Enter the Suite/Triple Selection Process:

      The STSP will occur prior to the General Housing Selection Process. If you are a student who holds one or more registered housing accommodations, please be sure to select assignments during STSP that have rooms that can meet your accommodation needs. It is your responsibility to determine, in advance, the rooms in the suites that will work for you. Please contact the Housing & Operations Team in advance for assistance in determining features of spaces. 

      If you choose a room in a suite or triple that does not meet your accommodation needs, you also forfeit selecting another room during the General Housing Selection Process.  

      If you later find that your STSP room room choice does not work for you, you will be unable to request a room change until after the Room Freeze ends in mid-September. We cannot guarantee that there will be an available room in the future that also meets your accommodation(s).