Mark your calendars!

The most important dates for the Waitlist Process are:

  • Waitlist Questionnaire Opens - April 19, 2024
  • Waitlist Questionnaire Closes - July 1 
  • Housing Assignments Shared - July 31 

Waitlist Housing Process

Students who are unable to select a room in the general Housing Selection Process are housing through the Waitlist Process in July. This process begins with students completing the Waitlist Questionnaire through the Housing Portal following the close of the General Housing Selection Process.   

Available Rooms

Each year the rooms that become available vary. The majority of rooms available on the waitlist come from administratively held vacancies (rooms held for student staff roles, housing accommodations, and new transfer students) and from rooms selected by students who will no longer be enrolling in the College in the fall. In the past we have had rooms open up in almost all of the residence halls, but the exact locations of vacancies are impossible to predict. Theme Communities that have vacancies will have those rooms become available through the selection process as well.  Theme Housing applications remain open to waitlist applicants. 

Placement Order

The placement order for the Waitlist Process is dictated by the selection numbers assigned to students in the general Housing Selection Process. Students with housing accommodations may be eligible for adjusted numbers based on the available inventory of rooms.


All students participating in the Waitlist Process will be able to select an intended roommate with whom to be placed. Students who do not have a roommate will be able to fill out a questionnaire to be paired with another student who is also in need of a roommate.

Waitlist Process FAQ: