Amherst College partners with Boomerang Storage for student storage. 

The College has long offered decentralized and limited on-campus storage to students. The evolving needs of students, the growth of summer programs, and the increasing staff hours required to support a 12-month campus operation have contributed to the unsustainability of the historical offering. Beginning with the May 2022 move-out period, the College has fully discontinued the on-campus storage offerings.

We now offer limited cost subsidized storage with Boomerang Storage for international and low-income students as part of our existing partnership.  The cost subsidy approach allows us to provide more storage opportunities to a larger number of students, in a manner that recognizes the challenges of moving items to and from their storage location, and the reality that the financial cost associated with such off-campus storage is felt unevenly across our community.   

The College continues to partner with Boomerang Storage to offer door-to-door storage service at students’ expense.  

  • Available to: All students 
  • Dates: Pick-ups by Boomerang are currently scheduled for December 20, 2022 and May 22-26, 2023 
  • Service type: Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off 
  • Cost: At students’ expense,* details available at the Boomerang Storage web site

*Students with high financial need are encouraged to request a storage subsidy code (SSC).  SSCs cover Boomerang’s one-time registration fee and up to 4 boxes, totes, or luggage (size 4.5 cubic feet or smaller) for one, two or three consecutive two terms (Spring/Summer/Fall).  Boomerang’s standard boxes meet these criteria.  Boxes/totes/luggage numbering more than 4 items, any furniture, and other items are not included in the subsidy, and can be stored, at the typical Boomerang rate, by the student.  To learn more about requesting a Storage Subsidy Code please review and complete this form