You’re Part of a Community

Amherst College has a number of resource centers that often become second homes on campus.

World map

Working in collaboration with other resource centers and campus partners, the Center for International Student Engagement aims to guide students as they learn about and question themselves, their environments, and how these interact in local and global contexts.

Staff and students pose smiling in the Multicultural Resource Center

The Multicultural Resource Center welcomes all students from all backgrounds and helps create an inclusive community by acknowledging, celebrating and promoting the diverse experiences of every student.

Staff and students pose smiling in the Women's and Gender Center

In the Women’s and Gender Center, students explore gender through personal experience, academic inquiry, community organizing, activism and discussion. 

Staff and students pose smiling in the Queer Resource Center

The Queer Resource Center sponsors educational, social and campus community-building programs that create an inclusive and safe campus for people of all gender and sexual identities.

Picture of students surrounding LOVE sculpture

The Center for Diversity & Student Leadership supports first-generation, low-income, transfer, veteran, and undocumented/DACA students, and cultivates leadership development opportunities for all students.