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Data Science and Spatial Analysis, et al.

There's always a way to hack your data!

A rotating neutron star with its magnetic axis at an angle, which flashes when it rotates directly towards us.I work with faculty and students to support their use of the software applications ArcGIS, Mathematica, and Matlab, along with mapping technologies such as GPS and Google Earth, academic applications of Excel, R, SPSS, various programming languages, Unix applicationshigh-performance computing, and virtual reality. I also support our classroom response systems (aka clickers) and build interactive web sites when appropriate. I provide secondary support for graphics applications such as Illustrator / Inkscape, Photoshop / GIMP, and InDesign / Powerpoint, and academic use of the College Web sites and the Moodle learning management system (LMS).

I teach short courses on these technologies, I’m occasionally involved in semester courses to varying degrees, and I provide one-on-one assistance.

I am also the academic technology consultant for these academic departments and programs: Anthropology and Sociology, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Biology, Black Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Studies, Geology, LJST, Mathematics and Statistics, Neuroscience, Physics and Astronomy, Political Science, and Psychology.

Because of the widespread applicability of geographic information systems (GIS), I also often find myself working with faculty and students in History, American Studies, and digital humanities. In addition, I am an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation at the University of Massachusetts.

I have a Ph.D. in Physics, and more than thirty years experience in research, teaching, and using and supporting academic technology in higher education.

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Interterm 2020 Courses:
Community Service with Web-Based Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST)


Assessing the Impact of the Inner Belt: MIT, Highways, and the Housing Market in Cambridge, Massachusetts

A research paper in the Journal of Urban History,
written with Prof. Hilary Moss and Yinan Zhang ’12.

  MIT and the Three Inner Belt Proposals

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Tutorial
Mapping Beyond Shangri-La
The Immigrant City: A Mapped-Based Augmented Reality Game
Cityscapes, An Online Discovery Tool for Urban and Cultural Studies
Light Pollution in Massachusetts

A map of light pollution, showing its large presence in eastern Massachusetts and its movement up the Connecticut River valley.



Open Educational Resources for Community Service with Web-Based Geographic Information Science and Technology

NERCOMP Professional Development Opportunity on OER: Obtaining Exceptional Results, College of the Holy Cross, February 2018

Cities, Schools, and Highways   Powerpoint PDF

Institute for Social Science Research, University of Massachusetts Amherst, December 2015

Research Computing at Amherst College

Future Directions in Research Computing in the Northeast, Waltham MA, September 2015

Community Service with Web-Based Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST): Blended Pedagogies for the Twenty-First Century

Five College Blended Learning Institute, Amherst College, May 2015



Co-organizer, Amherst Student Summer Research Poster Session, September 2015

Co-organizer, NEArc Spring Conference, May 2015

Co-organizer, Amherst Explorations: A Celebration of Student Research and Creative Work, April 2015


Faculty Projects for Which I've Provided Support

 Professor Robert Benedetto

Article: “Small Dynamical Heights for Quadratic Polynomials and Rational Functions”

Professor Ronald Rosbottom

Map of Hitler’s Tour of Paris for the book: When Paris Went Dark: The City of Light Under German Occupation, 1940–1944

News: “Rosbottom Reflects on the Success of ‘When Paris Went Dark’”

Professor Larry Hunter

Article: “Using the Earth as a Polarized Electron Source to Search for Long-Range Spin-Spin Interactions”

News: “Physicist’s Work Sheds New Light on Possible ‘Fifth Force of Nature’”

Professor George Greenstein

Web Site: Interesting Problems for Astronomy 101 or 102


Student Projects for Which I've Provided Support

Economics Major Fabián Rivera Reyes ’19

Thesis: “The Economic Effects of Insurrectionary Activity”

English Major Christin Washington ’17

Thesis: Black Brooklyn

Neuroscience Major Christianna Mariano ’21

News: “The Sound of Science”

Economics Major Alvaro Morales ’14

Thesis: “The Effect of Civil Conflict on Child Abuse: Evidence from Peru”

News: “Singh Organizes, and Morales ’14 Presents at, First Liberal Arts Colleges Development Economics Conference”

History Major Larissa Davis ’13

News: “A Staunch Advocate for a Better Amherst College”