American Association of Geographers Redistricting Panel Series: Wisconsin Fair Representation

Organized, introduced, and moderated a panel presentation that included a demographer, a political scientist, a government redistricting representative, and an activist.

A map of Massachusetts showing its Congressional Districts, with the original gerrymander on top.
Assessing the Impact of the Inner Belt: MIT, Highways, and the Housing Market in Cambridge, Massachusetts

A research paper in the Journal of Urban History,
written with Prof. Hilary Moss and Yinan Zhang ’12.

MIT and the Three Inner Belt Proposals
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Tutorial
Mapping Beyond Shangri-La
The Immigrant City: A Mapped-Based Augmented Reality Game
Cityscapes, An Online Discovery Tool for Urban and Cultural Studies
Pioneer Valley Soundscapes Map
Logarithm Tutorial, with webMathematica Exercises

The Sciences use them often, but students understand them seldom.

Tromino Tiling Puzzle
An Inductive Solution to the 8x8 Tromino puzzle.

A colorful game in which you can attempt to tile a deficient checkerboard with L-trominoes — or let the computer do it for you.